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Alberta entrepreneurs are hardworking, busy people. They typically work in a dynamic, high stress environment to develop their ideas or technologies into new businesses. It isn't easy and there is uncertainty, risk, and expense.

You have questions on everything from getting funding, how to patent, how to get a prototype made, how & where to network, how to find customers, regulatory issues, and often most importantly, how to get started.

Like all complex systems, the Innovation and Small Business system is made up of a number of networks and can be accessed at many points. Knowledge varies throughout the network and there are many participants with their own specific knowledge.

Although there are many access points to Alberta's system, below are the
main entry points that you can use to access and navigate.

smallbusiness.alberta.ca Alberta Small Business Resources is a directory of business resources
for new and established entrepreneurs. Learn about strategies and initiatives
underway to drive small business in Alberta and connect to the free Business
Advisor Service to help you find the information you are looking for.

connectica.ca Connectica helps users connect with Alberta's ever-expanding research
and innovation network. Connectica facilitates introductions between
stakeholders, researchers and entrepreneurs, and helps to bridge the gap
between Alberta's research organizations, universities and publicly-funded
innovation support services. If you're an innovator looking to create a
prototype, need professional expertise to help test your product or require
sources of financing but don't know where to go, Connectica has the information
you are looking for. Its searchable database makes connections quick and easy by
providing several search options and intelligent filters that help you narrow
your search.


businesslink.ca If you've got an innovative idea and the motivation to take the next
step, the Business Link can give you the tools to make your business idea a
reality, and connect you with the most relevant small business resources.

Business Information Line, Toll-Free: 1-800-272-9675, Email: askus@businesslink.ca


The Ag-Info Centre,  Toll-Free: 310-FARM (3276), or email: duke@gov.ab.ca

The Ag-Info Centre provides a way for members of Alberta's agriculture
industry to access specialists, information and services within Alberta
Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Centre is staffed with specialists in the areas of business
management, new ventures, beef, field, forage, specialty and horticulture
crops. Resource agents can answer questions or forward the caller to a specialist
or to other information sources. Staff members are experienced at handling
producer inquiries, from program information and production questions to
diagnosing complex agricultural issues.  The service includes enhanced phone & email intake and triage services
and works directly with clients.


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