Tom Thompson

Dr. Thompson is well known and widely recognized for his contributions to education, sports, marketing and community services. Now in his 15th year as President at Olds College, Dr. Thompson has taken a leading role in post-secondary education for over thirty years. Dr. Thompson is recognized for serving on numerous initiatives to enhance education, leadership, governance, entrepreneurship, and community service. Most recently, Dr. Thompson and Olds College were honoured with the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics Gold Award of Excellence in Governance.

Public speaking engagements have extended Dr. Thompson’s influence and brought recognition to Olds College and Alberta’s post-secondary system. Dr. Thompson obtained his Doctorate in Higher Education Administration, with a policy governance research focus. His professional development continues with completed educational and leadership programs at Harvard, Oxford, and the WestPoint Academy. He currently lends his expertise to numerous community, provincial and national boards and committees while providing visionary, forward-thinking leadership to Olds College.