Assessing Research Impact

Assessing research impact

At Alberta Innovates, we need to understand how our investments in research have an effect on Albertan’s health and the health system. Our Performance Management and Evaluation team are part of a growing community of practice that plans how to gather that information, how to measure and understand it, how to communicate the results , and ultimately helps us to improve what we do and how we do it.

Performance Management and Evaluation at AI

We invest in health research and innovation in Alberta, in keeping with our vision to transform health and wellbeing. Our vision and investments align with the province’s Health Research and Innovation Strategy. Planning, measuring, assessing and communicating the results of health research impacts are strengths that we offer the provincial and global research and innovation environment.

One of our goals is to realize the impacts of our investments, which can range from scientific impacts to a wider public impact. We assess the value of our investments and operations in terms of how they contribute to health and socio-economic benefits for Albertans.

Our Performance Management and Evaluation group provides the expertise to assess the value and impact of our investments so that we can continue to improve as an organization and to positively affect health system innovation in this province and beyond.

What we do

We have a long history in health research impact assessment and is an early adopter of evidence-based evaluation frameworks to measure and report on the benefits of health research. Beyond simply demonstrating the impact of the research we support, we strive to get the most benefit from these investments by working with our partners, stakeholders and the health research community to achieve better health and prosperity for Albertans.

We take a comprehensive approach to assessment and uses it for the purposes of accountability and transparency to the public, learning, and increased awareness of the benefits of research and innovation.

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