Annual Impact Reports

Annual impact reports


On November 1, 2016, Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions joined with the other three corporations in the Innovates family under the name Alberta Innovates. This report is a summary of the progress and impacts resulting from research and innovation activities supported by the health funding portfolio of Alberta Innovates as reported in 2015-16.

AIHS has a 35-year history of supporting relevant, high-quality research using a range of investment strategies across the research continuum to ensure real improvements to the health and quality of life for Albertans. Investment in health research and innovation has generated extraordinary returns on that investment.We also have a history of measuring and monitoring what we do; AIHS is a recognized leader nationally and internationally in research evaluation. In support of this evaluation goal, AIHS is the first organization in the Western Hemisphere to implement a standardized and internationally used electronic impact data collection system called Researchfish.

The findings discussed in this report are based on data collected through the first phase of implementation of Researchfish. The report showcases the diversity and depth of information collected with this system and highlights the impacts and progress to impacts being achieved in the early stages of the funding cycle of three current funding opportunities. The analysis outlined in the report demonstrates that even when research is in the early stages, tangible impacts and progress to impacts are measureable; AIHS funded researchers are engaged and collaborative and are able to leverage additional funding. As these research programs progress, we are looking forward to seeing even greater and more wide-reaching impacts.

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