PME publications and presentations

Publications, presentations and workshops

The Performance Management and Evaluation (PME) team regularly contributes to conferences, publications, and organizations. Here is a select list of our publications and presentations. Details about capacity building opportunities in assessing health research impact can be found under Training and Development. For access to more of these publications, please contact


Alberta Innovates Health Impact Report 2016-2017

Health Innovation within Alberta Innovates supports research and innovation to improve the health and wellbeing of Albertans. This report is a summary of the outcomes and early impacts resulting from these investments as reported in 2016-17.


Alberta Innovates Health Impact Report 2015-2016 

On November 1, 2016, Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions joined with the other three corporations in the Innovates family under the name Alberta Innovates. This report is a summary of the progress and impacts resulting from research and innovation activities supported by the health funding portfolio of Alberta Innovates as reported in 2015-16.


AIHS Annual Impact Report

The findings discussed in this report are based on data collected through the first phase of implementation of Researchfish. The report showcases the diversity and depth of information collected with this system and highlights the impacts and progress to impacts being achieved in the early stages of the funding cycle of three current funding opportunities.

Evaluating Outcomes of Publicly Funded Research, Technology and Development Programs: Recommendations for Improving Current Practice PDF (2.24 MB)

PME staff co-authored a paper with the American Evaluation Association Research, Technology and Development (RTD) Topical Interest Group (TIG).The purpose of this paper is to engage a broad audience – including managers of RTD programs, RTD program design and evaluation professionals, and government decision and policy makers – in a dialogue about RTD evaluation practice (including performance measurement) and how it might be further improved. Improvement will come in part from the adoption of a common evaluation language and practice that is broadly implemented within and across publicly-funded RTD programs. The larger objective of this paper is to improve RTD evaluation to better inform RTD program improvements and, in turn, contribute to improved program outcomes.

Practise Making Perfect: the Canadian Academy Health Sciences (CAHS) Impact Framework Forum Proceedings Report

The report includes a brief history of the CAHS impact framework and stories of some of its early adoption in Canada. The report is intended to be a resource for the community and was designed to inform a common understanding of why the Framework was developed, what it involves, who is using it, and where the CoP can go next with it
The Naked Truth: The state of evaluation in Alberta Forum Proceeding Report

This report captures the discussions and potential evaluation advocacy actions identified at Alberta’s one-day forum, the Naked Truth, held April 10, 2015, in Edmonton: an event hosted by the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) Alberta/ Northwest Territories Chapter in partnership with AIHS. The report provides a historical record of evaluation capacity assessments conducted nationally, and the early results of a multi-phased project to assess evaluation capacity in the local CES Chapter. Opportunities to enhance evaluation capacity and the profession are identified. A repository of evaluation network resources are available in the report to facilitate engagement. The report is intended to be a living document – questions and comments are welcomed – contact us or the local CES Chapter with feedback or to learn more about the activity the forum sparked.

  • Research Evaluation (November, 2012) This peer-reviewed journal article describes the evolution, development and implementation of AIHS research to impact framework, which is based on the CAHS model.

Building In-Roads to Evaluation Capacity – The Government of Alberta’s Evaluation and Assessment Network (EAN)

  • This poster showcases the development of the Evaluation and Assessment Network (EAN) among evaluation professionals within the Government of Alberta
    Translating Research Knowledge To Health Impact: Use Of Leading Practices, Models, Methods And Measures – The Big Bang Forum, 2012 – Alberta Health Services Research and Evaluation Forum.
  • This poster outlines the implementation of the Research-to-Impact framework and various methods of measures associated with the implementation and the result
    Performance Management and Evaluation at Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions: Defining the Research-to-Impact Framework – AIHS Brochure (June 2012)

Performance Management and Evaluation at Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions: Defining the Research-to-Impact Framework – AIHS Brochure (June 2012)

A publication describing the AIHS Research-to-Impact framework, which is based on the CAHS model
AIHS Interdisciplinary Team Grant Highlights 2010/2011 [PDF] – AIHS Report (2010/2011)

A document that highlights the results of the AIHS Interdisciplinary Team Grant program.


The Preferred Approach to Evaluating Collaborations: What’s in Your Evaluation Research and Development (R&D) Tool Box? [PDF 1MB] – American Evaluation Association (AEA) conference (October 2012)

  • This think tank session covers how collaborations are assessed and measured, and how such approaches could be applied to the context of Research and Development.

Assessing Impact: best practices, shared measurement and future directions – CASRAI Conference (October 2012)

  • This presentation outlines the AIHS Research-to-Impact framework and how AIHS embeds it in systems and measures of different programs

Measuring Success Together: Starting the Journey

  • AIHS Connects Conference (June 2012)

Implementation of an Evaluation Model for Evaluating Complex Health Research Outcomes

  • American Evaluation Association (AEA) (November 2011)

Bridging the Gap: Examining a Model for Evaluator Training

  • Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) (May 2011)
Workshop Series

Evaluating the Impact of KT – Canadian Consortium for Gambling Research (April 2014).

  • Workshop presented by Deanne Langlois-Klassen

Assessing the Impact of KT – RTNA Conference (October 2013).

  • Workshop presented by Deanne Langlois-Klassen

What information do stakeholders want?: Selecting key performance indicators and metrics – American Evaluation Association (October 2013).

  • Workshop presented by Kathryn Graham and Heidi Chorzempa.