Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework (CCITF)

The CCITF is a framework to support and achieve the goals of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan through innovation and technology.

The fund helps manage investments in research, innovation and technology, and helps commercialize products.

CCITF Program Objectives

The program supports:

  • Research, applied research and development work that will create technology for practical application in industry or public sector
  • Projects where commercialization or adoption of the results lead to GHG emissions reductions, economic growth, and other environmental and social benefits
  • Development or translational work designed to bring the research results to practice or resolve critical gaps in existing technology solutions
  • Larger research efforts that include discovery research funded from other sources, but is not intended to support pure discovery research.

The projects must have significant impact on the industry’s environmental performance in Alberta.

Alberta Innovates will deliver five programs under the CCITF framework.

1.  Clean Technology Development

Novel clean technologies from bench scale to field pilots that:

  • Have the potential to broadly benefit Alberta industry or public sector
  • Show excellence and capacity to deliver – this includes universities, polytechnics, and colleges (Industry consortia and partnerships between the post-secondary institutions and industry are preferred)
  • Recruit and develop highly qualified personnel (HQP) to supply Alberta’s industry with the skills and competencies in emerging clean technology industries.

For additional information on Clean Technology Development please contact:

For Clean Energy:
Bryan Helfenbaum, Executive Director, Advanced Hydrocarbons, (403) 297-4375 or bryan.helfenbaum[at]

For Bio:
Christine Murray, Director, Agriculture Technologies, (403) 382-7188 or christine.murray[at]

For PSI:
Lori Sheremeta, Executive Director, HQSP & Centre Investments, (780) 450-5503 or lori.sheremeta[at]

2.  Clean Technology Networks and Emerging Partnerships

System-level projects and initiatives that provide broad support to emerging clean technology industry sectors, OR are investing in projects that do not have the ability to attract direct industry funding (due to their early stage, business uncertainty, technological risk, etc.)

These projects and initiatives should:

  • Advance the Government of Alberta policy or strategy, such as new policy mechanisms, major industry initiatives, and connections to global technology and business networks and markets
  • Build clean innovation ecosystems that support entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and SMEs, including system navigation, linkages, client service and access to programs
  • Create communities of practice for knowledge transfer in clean technologies, including businesses and post-secondary institutions: green buildings, industrial energy efficiency, emerging technologies, and/or
  • Demonstrate various benefit vs. risk profiles that are outside other program domains.

For additional information on Clean Technology Networks and Emerging Partnerships contact:

Rollie Dykstra, Vice President, Investments, (780) 450-5502 or rollie.dykstra[at]

3.  Clean Technology Commercialization

Supporting Alberta small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to accelerate technologies to local and global markets and value chains. These projects should:

  • Have a significant market opportunity
  • Solve significant environmental challenge
  • Deliver demand-based (Alberta Small Business Innovation and Research Initiative – ASBIRI) and/or technology push (product demonstration) projects.

For additional information on Clean Technology Commercialization contact:

Garth Likes, Director, Small Business Innovation, (780) 780-450-5415 or garth.likes[at]

4.  Clean Technology Business Innovation

Encourage and support Alberta’s SMEs to pursue growth opportunities in low carbon economy by:

  • Identifying productivity and growth opportunities through holistic business audits and business-specific plans that lead to:
    • Low carbon technology adoption for industrial efficiency, and/or productivity enhancement and/or
    • Product or service iterations and/or new geographical or vertical market entry into low carbon industries
  • Providing non-dilutive funding to implement plans and connection to other leveraged funding and supports such as the Accelerated Growth Services program delivered by the federal government.

For additional information on Clean Technology Business Innovation please contact:

Terry Rachwalski, Executive Director, Entrepreneurial Investments, (780) 450-5059 or terry.rachwalski[at]

5.  Clean Technology Facilities Support

Funding to seed new or existing technical facilities to fill capacity gaps in the research and innovation systems for GHG emission reductions and economic growth. These facilities must:

  • Support technology infrastructure for cleaner oil and gas production, methane emissions reduction, low-carbon electricity and green-building innovation, and waste to value-added
  • Deliver technical supports for testing, demonstrations, validation, certification, and prototyping
  • Provide training and development opportunities for technical personnel.

For additional information on Clean Technology Facilities Support please contact:

For Oil Sands, Methane and Waste Conversion, Methane Reduction, and Electricity:
Candice Paton, Director, Recovery Technologies, (403) 297-7261 or candice.paton[at]

For Green Buildings:
Gordon Giles, Program Director, Bio, (780) 450-5411 or gordon.giles[at]