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Spreadsheets and Email begone – AbSPORU on the cutting EDGE

When AbSPORU needed a system to manage research data, many choices were considered to help streamline the process for each platform, or area of expertise. EDGE software was chosen because of its ability to adapt to the needs of each platform, as well as the Case Manager, who triages requests and acts as the system administrator.

The Alberta Innovates journey was highlighted recently in a Case Study by EDGE, with the full study available here.

Alberta Innovates at EDGE 2020 Conference

“The EDGE International award this year goes to our Canadian Colleagues at Alberta Innovates. Tammy Mah-Fraser and her team have worked so hard in the last year to align EDGE with their AbSPORU intake process for researchers. This process helps to put EDGE right at the start of the research process making life easier for researchers and teams, helping to more accurately cost research and doing the most important thing, making life easier for those involved.”

Ronda Danchak and Tammy Mah-Fraser were invited to speak at the EDGE 2020 conference held on March 10-11 in Farnborough, UK. Ronda and Tammy spoke about how EDGE is supporting the virtual network of the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit in assessing and managing service requests. They also spoke about how the data is being used as business intelligence to understand who our clients are, what are their needs are and where we need to invest in resources. Tammy and Ronda received the EDGE International award for their work.


The vision of EDGE-Alberta is to use one system to manage research administration process across organizations. This enables efficient and appropriate sharing, coordinating, tracking and reporting of clinical health research studies in Alberta.

Research administrators from Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health and the Information Stewardship Office are participating in a pilot of the EDGE system for research agreements.

The ACRC, in conjunction with Alberta Health Services (AHS), Covenant Health and the Information Stewardship Office (ISO), are implementing the pilot phase of EDGE-Alberta, a clinical research management system. This phase will focus on the administrative approval process for HIA/s54 Research Agreements.

EDGE was developed by the University of Southampton and will be implemented provincially as EDGE-Alberta. Through the pilot and future phases, EDGE-Alberta and the ACRC will support the streamlining of clinical health research administration and other clinical research needs across the ACRC partner organizations.


For more information, see the EDGE frequently asked questions page.

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