Health Innovation Funded Trainees

Important Updates & Announcements

(2019-08-08) Alberta Innovates’ parental leave policy is changing. Trainees who meet the requirements for parental leave will be eligible for up to six months of paid leave. This change applies to all parental leaves starting on or after March 1, 2020.

(2019-07-01) Alberta Innovates is no longer accepting requests for the PLUS Option.

Reporting Requirements

The following reports are required from trainees

  • Annual Renewal Reports (due two months prior to the end of the award year)
  • Annual Impact Reports (submitted online by April 30th of each year)
  • Final Report (submitted at the end of the award)

These reports help us monitor compliance with the terms and conditions of the award, assess the impact of our funding, identify opportunities to better support emerging talent, and inform future investments. Annual impact reports are submitted online using the platform called ResearchFish®. Results are reported in aggregate form to a diverse set of stakeholders including the public (examples available here).

Accessing the Correct Forms

Reporting requirements are built into the terms and conditions of each award. Some differences may exist in the reporting templates and method of submission required, depending on when the award was implemented. It is the responsibility of the Trainee to ensure he/she uses the correct forms. The below content should not be accessed for any open competitions (material pertaining to open competitions are kept on the active competition webpage and may differ from past competitions).

Forms for Awards Implemented Prior to 2017

Forms for Awards Implemented Between January 2017 & May 2019

Past Competition Information