Advanced Hydrocarbons
Recovery Technologies
The Recovery Technologies Program stewards investments in programs and projects that advance and support technologies that will benefit Alberta in the recovery of Alberta’s in situ and mined hydrocarbon resources.

The program accelerates innovations that improve oil sands production efficiency and economics. The projects we support decrease GHG emissions, fresh water use and the supply cost of bitumen.

We are uniquely positioned to address challenges by supporting applied research, field pilots and demonstrations that address technical gaps and accelerate the deployment of enabling technologies.

Program Objectives

The Recovery Technologies program aims to substantially improve environmental performance by reducing the water-use intensity and GHG-emissions intensity from the industry, while enhancing the value of our resources and providing economic prosperity for Albertans. Investments in innovative solutions that can address these challenges and be deployed commercially in Alberta are critical.

The goal of the Recovery Technologies Program is aligned with the Clean Energy mission to increase Alberta’s capacity to develop, adapt and commercialize innovative technologies that maximize the value of the province’s natural and renewable resources while protecting the environment.

The Recovery Technologies Program objectives are aligned with the Advanced Hydrocarbons team:

  • To aid Alberta’s transition to a low carbon economy
  • Increase the value of Alberta’s oil sands and natural gas resources
  • Improve the efficiency of oil sands production


Solvent Leadership Series

Program Contact Information

Name: Vanessa White
Title: Director, Recovery Technologies
Phone: 587.779.2916
Email: vanessa.white[at]