Clean Technology

Bio Energy

The program supports the development of a vibrant bioenergy industry that contributes to Alberta’s supply of renewable energy through the production of biofuels and novel value-added products. The program is a key part of the transition to a low carbon future and enables the participation of Alberta’s urban and rural communities.

The program invests in projects that develop and/or deploy waste or biomass conversion technologies.

Program Objectives

  • Support a robust biomass feedstock delivery system
  • Support the development and optimization of existing waste/biomass conversion technologies
  • Develop and deploy biofuel technologies
  • Support developments of science-based policies.

The relevant targets are:

  • 50% reduction in organic waste to landfill, through innovative technologies which produce value-added products
  • Support Alberta’s climate change goals by accelerating solutions to reduce methane emissions by 45% by 2025 and ensure a dynamic portfolio of GHG emissions reduction technologies
  • Industry operating in the value-added bioindustrial sector will attract an additional $3 billion private sector investment in Alberta.

Program Contact Information

Name: Mehr Nikoo
Title: Senior Manager, BioEnergy
Phone: 780-429-9336
Email: mehr.nikoo[at]