Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework (CCITF) – Funding Decisions

Projects to Date: Funded Amount: Predicted GHG Reduction
(tonnes of CO2  by 2050):


$25.1 million


Clean Technology Networks Program (August, 2018):

Funded Project: Team lead: Institution:
Biomass Energy Network David Bressler University of Alberta
Methane Emissions Reduction Network Katie Cheyne Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada
Energy Futures Lab 2.0 Chad Park The Natural Step Canada

Clean Technology Development Program – Projects eligible for funding over $100 Thousand (November, 2018):

Funded Project: Team lead: Institution:
Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Building Integrated Photovoltaics David Antoniuk Applied Quantum Materials Inc.
Geothermal Power from co-produced fluids and hydrocarbon reservoirs throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Jonathan Banks University of Alberta
Zero Emissions Spherical Piston Natural Gas Compressor Ken Bell E3P Technologies, Inc.
Alberta Biojet Initiative (ABI): Upgrading of University of Alberta’s LTH technology to Biojet (CFREF related) David Bressler University of Alberta
ELP = Enhanced late-life process Nafiseh Dadgostar Imperial Oil, Heavy Oil in-situ Research
Plastic-To-Hydrocarbon Oil Conversion Project Derrick Frechette White Water Management Ltd.
Deployment of High Rate Methane Biofilters (HMBFs) with a multi-inlet air gas feed system to control methane emissions from oil well and battery sites Patrick Hettiaratchi University of Calgary
A Scalable Mobile Methane Sensing System for Emissions Detection, Quantification, and Reduction Chris Hugenholtz University of Calgary
Next-Gen Modular Green Building Energy Systems With Optional Energy Storage Ali Khajehoddin University of Alberta
Smart Gas Field Microgrids Yunwei (Ryan) Li University of Alberta
Advanced biorefinery technology for chemicals production from waste and biomass David Lynch Enerkem Inc.
Razor Energy Geothermal Co-production from an Active Oil Field in Swan Hills, Alberta Lisa Mueller Razor Energy
Field validation of a low-carbon technology for the remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated sites Paolo Mussone Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Direct Olefin Removal Pilot (DOR) Darius Remesat  MEG Energy
ATTAbotics & Gordon Food Services Cold Environment Pilot Technology Demonstration Project Brad Simpson ATTAbotics Inc.
Integrated CO 2 Emission Capture & Utilization in Advanced Nanoparticle Production at Calgary Natural Gas Plant Apoorv Sinha Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc.
An Affordable NetZero Energy Ready Solution for Multi-Family Residential Building Based on Innovative Dual-Fuel Hybrid Heating System Haitao Yu Landmark Group of Companies Inc.

Clean Technology Commercialization Program – Husky CHOPS Methane Challenge (November, 2018):

Funded Project: Team lead: Institution:
Husky CHOPS Methane Challenge Garth Likes Husky Energy Ltd.

Clean Technology Commercialization Program – West jet Airlines (November, 2018):

Funded Project: Team lead: Institution:
West Jet Airlines Garth Likes West Jet