The deadline for applications has been extended to November 30, 2018.


Clean Technology Business Innovation (CTBI) Voucher Program

Alberta businesses can be improved and use clean technology as a growth strategy; however, a significant barrier to clean technology adoption is in-depth market knowledge and a plan specific to each business with decision-making support.

The Clean Technology Business Innovation (CTBI) Voucher program is designed to encourage and support Alberta’s established Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to pursue growth opportunities in the low carbon economy by:

  • identifying productivity and growth opportunities through holistic business audits and plans that lead to:
    • low carbon technology adoption for industrial efficiency, and/or productivity enhancement; and/or
    • product or service iterations and/or new geographical or vertical market entry into low carbon industries;
  • providing non-dilutive funding to implement plans and connection to other leveraged funding and supports such as the Accelerated Growth Services program delivered by the federal government.

With the help of Alberta Innovates Technology Development Advisors (TDAs), those SMEs which have demonstrated commercial success, a strong management team and a desire to pursue significant growth opportunities in low carbon economy, will determine if this program is right for them.


If you are interested in learning more about the CTBI program and our approach to GHG quantification, please watch the following recording of the October 22nd 2018 Principles of GHG Measurement workshop where we hosted leading GHG quantification expert Dr. Christine Schuh.

More Information:

For more information about this program and eligibility criteria, please download our Clean Technology Business Innovation Program Guide.

To apply:

To start an application please visit our Application Portal.

Clean Technology Business Innovation (CTBI) Voucher Program Timelines:

Action By Whom Timing
Stream One Application Portal Open AI Oct. 5, 2018
Stream One Application Submission Deadline Applicants Nov. 30, 2018
Stream One Decision Notification AI Dec. 28, 2018
Stream Two Application Portal Open AI June 14, 2019
Stream Two Proposal Submission Deadline Applicants July 30, 2019
Funding Decision Notification AI Sept. 11, 2019

* Note that AI at its sole discretion reserves the rights to alter or cancel the currently-anticipated timelines.


For specific questions regarding this guide and to discuss your application, please contact:
Alistair Hazewinkel, Senior Business Partner, Funding Solutions
TEL: (780) 450-5334