Clean Technology Commercialization Program

This unique program is designed to create focused, industry-government partnerships and greenhouse gas reduction projects built on the principles of demand- pull innovation. Resources are allocated where there is a clear existing industry need and opportunity, ensuring a targeted research and innovation investment. Alberta Innovates develops relationships with industry partners to identify challenges in operations that, if addressed, would give Industry quantifiable reductions of greenhouse gases and a leading competitive edge in the global marketplace. Alberta Innovates and the industry partners jointly invite Alberta’s Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to leverage their ingenuity and compete for the opportunity to develop a technology-based greenhouse gas reduction solution for this well-defined operational challenge. For more details about the program and eligibility criteria, please download our Clean Technology Commercialization program guide.


To apply:


To request an application form or for specific questions regarding this program and program guide, please contact: Luigi Simpatico, Manager, Clean Technology Commercialization
Phone: 780-450-5564