Clean Technology Facilities Support Program



The Canadian Emissions Reduction Innovation Network (CERIN) is a new partnership between Alberta Innovates and Natural Resources Canada.

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Join us on Friday March 15 for a webinar. We will address the Canadian Emissions Reduction Innovation Network (CERIN), how to apply, and answer any questions you may have.

The Clean Technology Facilities Support program will provide funding to help create new facilities or enhance the existing facilities to fill technical capacity gaps in Alberta’s research and innovation system in the priority sectors for GHG emission reduction, economic growth and diversification.
Facilities funding is intended to:

  • support technology infrastructure in priority areas – cleaner oil and gas production, GHG emissions reductions, low-carbon electricity, green-building materials, and waste to value-added products;
  • deliver technical supports for testing, prototyping, demonstration, validation, and certification; of new products or techniques; and
  • provide technical training and personnel opportunities.

The program will support new development and technical upgrades of existing facilities that align with these 5 themes:

Clean Technology Facilities Timelines:

Action By Whom Timing
Open the call for Expression of Interest AI Jul 23, 2018
Expression of Interest Submission Deadline Applicants Aug 30, 2018
Expression of Interest Decision Notification AI Oct 9, 2018
Full Project Proposal Submission Deadline Applicants Nov 15, 2018
Funding Decision Notification AI January, 2019

* Note that AI at its sole discretion reserves the rights to alter or cancel the currently-anticipated timelines.


For more details about this program and eligibility criteria, download our Clean Technology Facilities Support program guide.

To apply:
Download the Clean Technology Facilities Support Program Expression of Interest application form and the Clean Technology Facilities Support Program Expression of Interest appendix for more information about each stream.

August 8, 2018Facilities Support Program webinar (230 MB)
August 8, 2018Facilities Support Program webinar (slides only)

To discuss eligibility for this program or for specific questions regarding this program and guide, please contact:

For Cleaner Oil Sands, Emissions Reductions, Waste and Natural Gas Conversion, and Electricity Technology:
Candice Paton, Executive Director, Clean Technology
TEL: (780) 306-2933

For Green Buildings:
Pat Guidera, Director Forest Technologies, Bio Sector
TEL: (780) 450-5535