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The Edmonton International Airport Renewable Electricity Production Challenge


Watch the December 17, 2018 – Edmonton International Airport Renewable Electricity Production Challenge Webinar.

Challenge opens December 6, 2018

The Edmonton International Airport Renewable Electricity Production Challenge is for an Alberta small- or medium-enterprise company to develop existing or emerging renewable/sustainable technologies that use lower cost Alberta biomass, solar, wind, co-gen, hydro technologies, coupled with any other complementary efficient technologies to scale-up Alberta as a leader in the sustainable energy production industry.

Challenge details

Edmonton Airport consumes over 50 million KWH per year and is seeking to use one or several renewable sustainable energy production systems/technologies to help sustainably offset the use of some or all this amount of electricity.

Alberta Innovates in combination with EA and other partners will deploy up to $2,000,000.00 for demonstration and small-scale kilo watt production of an economical, technology(s), that can use Alberta sourced feedstock or other natural sustainable renewable sources leading to the production of a sustainable, certifiable, economic electrical production.

Note: this challenge does not favour any one feed stock or production pathway to achieve a sustainable economic electrical power source, except the technology must be able to meet the criteria as outline in section 5.0 of the business case and summarized below. More than one technology may be chosen.

Challenge requirements and deliverables

Edmonton Airports holds safety and security paramount and as such reserves the right to reject any submissions which it deems not to demonstrate adherence to all codes and regulations, etc. applicable on any of our sites.

The technology should fulfil the following requirements to have any significant impact:

  • Should clearly demonstrate the greenhouse gas reduction impact,
  • Should be able to demonstrate novel/innovative generation of X amount of electrical power generation, and
  • Shall meet all regulatory requirement and specifications.

In addition, production, operating, and maintenance costs should be competitive with current production cost of electrical generation, and preferable technologies considered will be novel or innovative ones and not necessarily just bought off the shelf unless configured in a novel or innovative configuration.

Challenge phases

The Edmonton International Airport Renewable Electricity Challenge will be rolled out in three phases, with additional details made available as we progress.

  1. Phase I: Expression of Interest

This phase is open to all Alberta based SME’s and will require all applicants to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). The EOI application will be found on the CT Com web page. The EOI will assess and identify technologies that align with the Challenge. Internal and external reviewers will be selected to evaluate these EOI applications. Please see the Edmonton International Airport Renewable Electricity Challenge business case for additional information on the evaluation parameters.

  1. Phase II: Corporate and Capital Readiness

This stage is a Full Project Proposal (FPP) stage and is by invitation only, with successful participants being selected from the phase 1 EOI application. This phase will require applicants to submit several items. Please see the Edmonton International Airport Renewable Electricity Challenge business case for a list of these items as well as the evaluation criteria.

  1. Phase III: Go-to-Market Plan

This stage is by invitation only, with successful participants selected from phase 2. As mentioned previously, a full work plan/schedule, milestones, and budgets will have been developed and contracts based on this information are executed at this point. Alberta Innovates will perform site visits as required.

Key dates (subject to change please refer to website for updated information)

Item Date
Challenge Launch December 6,2018
Applicant webinar via Skype December 13, 2018 at 2:00 PM MST
Phase I – Submission Deadline January 31, 2019 at 4:00 PM MST
Phase I – Evaluation and Results Notification February 28, 2019
Phase II – Full Proposal Launch March 1 , 2019
Phase II – Submission Deadline
Phase II – Evaluations and Results Notification
Phase III – Full Proposal Launch
Phase III – Submission Deadline
Phase III – Results Notification

Key documents

For complete information, including evaluation criteria and much more, see the Edmonton International Airport Renewable Electricity Challenge business case.

For more detailed information about the procedures and policies governing this funding challenge, familiarize yourself with our Clean Technology Commercialization program guide.

Additional information

Stage 1 – Expression of Interest Investment Application Aid.

Changes will be announced and posted. Please check back periodically.

Ready to apply?

Access our online portal to begin your application.  Be sure to select “Clean Technology Commercialization – EIA challenge” from the application type drop-down list.


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