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Alberta-China International Technology Partnership Program


The Alberta – China International Technology Partnership (ITP) Program provides opportunities for Alberta and China to collaborate in research and technology development leading to future educational, labour and commercialization opportunities that will enhance relations and trade and provide mutual benefit to both regions.

Alberta Innovates has a partnership with Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Exchange Centre with Foreign Countries in Zhejiang, Guangdong Science and Technology Cooperation Center, and Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality to support this program.

The Alberta – China International Technology Partnership (ITP) program is designed to provide Alberta for-profit Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) support to access funding to develop strategic, industry-driven commercialization projects that involve novel and innovative projects with a partner in China.

Alberta SMEs have benefited from participation in the program and have increased market, revenue, products and services. Other benefits have included:

  • Collaborative technology development or technology demonstration – non-competitive environment
  • “Soft landing” for international commercialization
  • Funding de-risk for technology and commercialization development
  • Established pilots in discrete environments
  • Long-term business partnerships that extended market access
  • Quality human resources and highly qualified people
  • New capital sources for growth
  • Alternative markets to guard against regional trends

For more information about the Alberta – China ITP Program and the three regions in China: Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong.



The program is a “matching” grant program, there by the Applicant and funding agency from each jurisdiction provides equal contributions to the project.


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To be eligible, we require Alberta SMEs to complete a Company Profile. Profiles are reviewed and used to conduct a preliminary assessment for a potential partner match. Companies will be contacted directly regarding upcoming matchmaking events.


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Program Contact Information

Name: Sandra Candie
Title: Director, Global Partnerships
Phone: 780-450-5550

Name: Deryl Williams
Title: Manager, Global Partnerships
Phone: 403-210-5250