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Alberta Small Business Research and Innovation Initiative

Please note

The ASBIRI program is now fully subscribed and will not be issuing any challenges until further notice. Please watch our social channels and this website.


The Alberta Small Business Innovation and Research Initiative (ASBIRI) is a novel and cutting-edge program.

Alberta Innovates first develops relationships with industry partners to identify challenges in their operations that, if addressed, would give them an edge in the global marketplace.

Next, Alberta Innovates and our industry partners jointly invite Alberta small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to leverage their ingenuity and compete for the opportunity to develop a technology-based solution for the well defined operational challenge.

The result is a focused, industry-government partnership and a project built on the principles of demand-pull innovation. Resources are allocated where there is a clear existing industry need, ensuring a targeted research and innovation investment.

Program Challenges

The ASBIRI program is now fully subscribed and will not be issuing any challenges until further notice. If you are an SME developing a technology in Alberta, however, we encourage you to check back periodically for new Challenges. Also, please contact us should you have any questions regarding the existing Challenges above.

Prospective applicants must be familiar with program documentation prior to applying:

Industry Partners

Critical to the success of this program will be the engagement and cultivation of challenges from industry partners. We are actively seeking industry partners that have:

  • A strong presence in Alberta.
  • Capacity to actively participate in the program and test technologies within an existing operating environment.
  • Capability to procure a successful technological solution (not a requirement).
  • A high-level of market influence.

Program Contact Information

Name: Garth Likes
Title: Director, ASBIRI
Phone: 780-450-5415
Email: Garth.Likes@albertainnovates.ca