Smart Agriculture and Food Innovation Funding

2018-19 Accelerating Food Innovation in Alberta: Applied Research, Product or Technology Development – Focus on Protein and By-Product Utilization

We have designed the Accelerating Food Innovation Program to provide funding for applied research, product or technology leading to the following products and technologies:

  • New or improved plant- or livestock-based protein food ingredients or bioactives, products, beverages, supplemented foods, and/or natural health products (NHP’s)/nutraceuticals
  • Complete utilization/maximization of value of by-product components (e.g. starch, fibre, oil, sugar)
  • New food processing technologies to provide innovative new product solutions

The purpose of this program is to increase revenues from value-added ingredient, food, beverage and natural health products manufacturing.

This program will contribute to a competitive and prosperous agri-food sector, provide economic growth and diversification opportunities for Alberta’s economy; and increase jobs and employment in both rural and urban communities.

This is a one-step application process with full proposals due on December 5, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. MDT.

Full proposals are submitted through our on-line system.

Please review the Program Guidelines for full program details.

The Full Proposal Template  provides a description of the questions asked through the on-line system.

Need help with the RFOAS on-line system? View or download the RFOAS Instructions.

*Program launched on Oct. 31, 2018

Program Contact Information

Name: Elizabeth Muir
Title: Director, Value Add
Phone: 780-450-5557