CIHR Partnership Funding Opportunities

2018/2019 CIHR Transitions in Care Team Grant – Stream II

We are offering partnered funding support for projects submitted by Alberta applicants or eHealth Innovation Partners to CIHR’s Transitions in Care Team Grant competition – Stream 2: eHIPP solutions for transitions in care gaps.

The program supports interdisciplinary teams in partnership with industry innovators to implement, evaluate, spread, and scale eHealth solutions that address care gaps and inefficiencies in two (2) or more focus areas of:

  • Across life’s trajectories
  • Changing health status or care
  • Key populations to optimize transition in care outcomes

Currently Accepting Applications

Deadline: November 30, 2018 *Our deadline to obtain Letter of Support

Value & Term

CIHR is offering up to $960,000 over four-years through the CIHR Transition in Care Team Grant; 30 per cent matching contributions are required to apply.

We will consider providing partner funds up to a maximum of $150,000 over 4 years per successful Stream II eHIPP application led by an Alberta based Nominated Principal Applicant OR a project that involves an Alberta based eHealth Innovation Partner (as those terms are defined in CIHR’s funding call).

We expect the applicant will find the remaining support (cash or in-kind) from other partners to meet the competition’s full 30 per cent matching requirement.



We are supporting this call to:

  • Improve health outcomes, patient experience, and cost-effectiveness of transitions in care in Alberta through identifying, evaluating and implementing evidence-based eHealth solutions
  • Accelerate eHealth technology development and Alberta small-medium enterprise growth in key areas of clinical unmet needs
  • Build translational research capacity in innovative clinical trial design to accelerate technology testing and evaluation


How to apply for Alberta Innovates partner support:

Submission deadline: November 30, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. MST.

NOTE: The Primary Applicant and the e-Health Innovation Partner must complete separate components of the application using our online application portal. If you have not previously accessed the online application portal, an account will need to be created by both the Primary Applicant and the e-Health Innovation Partner separately.


Primary Applicant – Online Application requirements:

Applicants interested in being considered for AI partnership support must complete the online application portal and include:

1. a research summary (max of 4 pages) providing enough detail to understand:

  • the significance of the problem and focus areas proposed to be addressed
  • why the particular eHealth technology proposed was selected
  • how this project fits into the eHealth Innovation Partner’s product commercialization strategy, including technology development roadmap, how IP will be handled in the project, partners and sub-contractors involved, go-to-market strategy for other geographies
  • where, how, and who will be involved in testing and implementing the eHealth solution, including what innovative clinical trial methodology will be used

2. proposed budget outlining all funding sources and details on how AI funds would be used, and

3. the CIHR Partnership Details form


e-Health Innovation Partner – Online Application requirements:

Information submitted by the e-Health Innovation Partner will be held in confidence and will not be accessible by the Primary Applicant. An account on the online application portal will need to be created in order to access the application.

The following detailed information needs to be submitted by the eHealth Innovation Partner, including:

  1. If an Alberta company include: per cent of Alberta ownership and number of T4 Salaried Employees, full and part-time, residing inside Alberta and outside of Alberta
  2. Incorporation Date (dd/mm/yy)
  3. Details on any outstanding balances from past government funding programs (federal or provincial)
  4. Major sources of revenue (mention major products and services)
  5. Financial Statements (Last six months and previous three years – Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement, and Statement of Retained )
  6. Business Plan covering details on key members of management team, market & competitive assessment, IP strategy, sales and marketing strategy, technology and product development roadmap, and economic benefit to Alberta or Canada
  7. Strategic Partner(s) Letter(s) of Interest and/or Sub-Contractor Quote(s) (as applicable)
  8. Patent/License Details

Please only complete the e-Health Innovation Partner tab of the application; all other sections will be completed by the Primary Applicant.

Review Criteria

Requests will be reviewed by AI according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance – To what extent does the project align with the Alberta Research and Innovation Framework targets, the program objectives and TiC focus areas, including the use of innovative clinical trial methodology
  • Impact – What is the significance of the problem to be addressed and the anticipated outcomes from the project (from both a health and economic perspective)?
  • Feasibility of Impact –
    a. To what degree are necessary clinical end users and decision makers involved in the project to translate the results?
    b. Clarity provided on the technology, financial and management capacity, market assessment, competitive advantage, and post project scale up of the solution being developed.
    c. The economic benefit to the Province of Alberta or Canada through the commercialization of this eHealth Innovation.
    d. Other factors as determined by Alberta Innovates in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Budget – Is the budget reasonable to achieve objectives and are other sources of funding (other than CIHR) included?

If approved, we will provide the necessary documentation to include with the full CIHR-TiC application by January 11, 2019.



AbSPORU Supports

Applicants not familiar with innovative clinical trial methodology are encouraged to engage with the Methods Support and Development Platform within the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit (AbSPORU). This platform supports the development of innovative research methods.

For additional information please visit the Methods Support and Development Platform website.

For further information or to submit your request for partnership support, please contact Tara McCarthy, Acting Program Manager by email at