CRIO: Collaborative Research and Innovation Opportunities
We encourage Alberta-based applicants to apply for Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Strategic Patient – Oriented Research (SPOR) Funding Opportunities.

What are the objectives of CRIO?

    • Catalyze and support collaborative, interdisciplinary, multi-sectoral, and/or multi-institutional research with a focus on achieving solutions that address complex health problems or issues;
    • Support areas of research that are aligned with the strategic priority areas defined in Alberta Health Research and Innovation Strategy (AHRIS) and may address priority issues defined by the Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs) within Alberta Health Services (AHS);
    • Engage knowledge-/end-users in the process to enhance impact on the health of Albertans and/or the healthcare system;
    • Provide opportunities for interdisciplinary research training and mentorship;
    • Encourage the use of the AI collaborative opportunities to connect Alberta to national and international initiatives and leverage additional opportunities.

Who is eligible to apply?

Each CRIO must involve:

    • Collaborative lead(s): Established individual(s) with demonstrated leadership. Collaborative leads can lead more than one CRIO Project, Program and/or Team simultaneously. At least one of the collaborative leads will have their primary appointment at an Alberta-based organization.
      NOTE: There are no limits on the number of applications a collaborative lead can submit.
    • Collaborative members: May be defined as needed to address the research objectives; and may include individuals from outside Alberta.
    • Knowledge- or end users
    • Interdisciplinary, multi-institutional activity

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