CRIO: Collaborative Research and Innovation Opportunities

CRIO Program

This opportunity enables a group of interdisciplinary collaborators (three or more) who may already work together to focus on a complex program of health research and innovation that addresses health research needs, gaps or opportunities. The research program must engage knowledge- and/or end-users to encourage uptake of evidence and must be aligned to priority areas of health for Albertans.

Next expected deadline: TBD

Value & Term

Up to $500,000 per year for 5 years.

May be considered for one-time renewal based on successful achievement of agreed-upon deliverables defined in the management plan for years 1 to 5.


To support a group of collaborators (three or more) who may already have an informal arrangement or shared funding to support interdisciplinary work, or have specific plans to develop such arrangements. The focus is on a complex program of health research and innovation.

How do I apply?

Important: Please review the AIHS Collaborative Research and Innovation Opportunities (CRIO) Program Guide before applying.

Successful applications at the LOI stage for CRIO Program will be provided with advice from the expert scientific review committee and may request support to enable the development of the full application. Up to $10,000 will be provided to complete the final submission for CRIO Program.

What is the review process?

The LOIs and full applications will be evaluated by an expert LOI review committee and an expert full application review committee. The committees will be interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral. The committees will have broad-based representation across the research continuum. They will include investigators with excellent track records of either fostering or conducting interdisciplinary research and/or in leading interdisciplinary research teams from academic and industry sectors, as well as individuals that can provide end-user perspectives.

While separate research components may be included in the application, each CRIO application will be evaluated as a single, integrated entity. Applicants must demonstrate that the CRIO not only brings added value but is essential to the group’s approach to the complex research question and the health issue being addressed, as well as the group’s ability to generate new knowledge and translate it toward improvements in health or in the health care system.

Applications will be reviewed based on the following assessment criteria:

    • Engagement with knowledge-/end-user collaborators and/or partners: End-user(s) are meaningfully engaged in the proposed research activities providing the support necessary for the deliverables to have the intended impact;
    • Collaborators: The proposed collaborators have the necessary complementary expertise and/or experience to successfully bring the proposed research activities to their planned end-point;
    • Significance and Innovation: The proposed research activities are based on an important and well delineated health question/issue and define a focused set of deliverables;
    • Approach: The collaborative approach described for the proposed research is necessary, integrated, feasible, and aligned to the generation of the specific and defined deliverables;
    • Environment: The environment described for the proposed research will contribute positively to the achievement of the defined objectives.

Program Contact Information

Name: Tara McCarthy 
Acting Program Manager, Health