PRIHS: Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System

PRIHS: 2018/2019

PRIHS 2018-19 has closed. Stay tuned for future opportunities.

We are pleased to announce the results for our 2018-2019 Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System.

You can also see the stage one and stage two results. (updated July 3, 2018)

Value & term

Combined pool of funds available: $7 million. Individual award’s period of support: up to three years.

What is PRIHS?

The Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System (PRIHS) is a partnership between Alberta Innovates and Alberta Health Services focused on supporting health research and innovation projects that will adopt and implement evidence to maintain or improve quality of patient care and services while substantially reducing costs in the healthcare system.

This partnered funding opportunity targets the implementation of high quality, evidence informed solutions to “Enhancing Care in the Community” to address performance gaps (“Focus Areas”) in the healthcare system that prevent optimal patient care, resource use, delivery and access to affordable and sustainable health services.

Deadline: we are no longer accepting applications

 Focus areas   

  • Solutions that help Albertans optimally manage their health conditions, maintain their independence and live well in their communities
  • Solutions that help Albertans avoid unnecessary Acute Care visits and admissions

Within these focus areas, applications are encouraged to incorporate the following components:

  • Address avoidable differences in health status that exist between population groups, including those related to geographical barriers
  • Promote self-efficacy by enabling Albertans and their families to take an active role and manage their health on a day-to-day basis
  • Create a collaborative system that decreases care fragmentation through more effective partnerships between primary and specialist care, the patient and the family and other community partners
  • Facilitate efficient and appropriate navigation through the broader health care system

Institutional signatures

We require Institutional Signatures for the PRIHS 4, Stage 3, Full Project Proposal after the applicant’s signature is collected (once submitted). Applicants are responsible for ensuring they follow institutional policies. PRIHS Program Guide Eligibility Criteria outlines that an independent researcher is identified as a lead or co-lead applicant for the Stage 2 Relevance and Feasibility Review. Institutional applications will NOT be accepted, i.e. the university is the applicant not the individual researcher(s).

NOTE: Please confirm with your Institution internal processes and deadlines. Processes differ between the University of Alberta  and the University of Calgary.

University of Alberta:  See details on the internal review and submission process.

University of Calgary: See details on the internal review and submission process or contact


Stage 1: Expression of Interest (EOI) deadline: April 27, 2018, 3 p.m. MST
Stage 2: Relevance and Feasibility Review: June 2018
Stage 3: Full Application: September 28, 2018
Funding Announcement: November 2018
NOTE: Stage 2 and 3 are by invite only

Allowable Costs

Funding can be used for a broad range of expenses associated with proposed research activities including research infrastructure, research operating costs, core administrative/management costs, scientific support, collaborative/linkage activity and training support.

Allowable costs include:

  • Salary support for research assistants and trainees
  • Project administration costs, materials and supplies
  • Support for research infrastructure including the purchase of minor equipment of up to $5,000 (based on justification) and maintenance contracts for common services and shared/core facilities
  • Costs of data collection, database creation and maintenance of information holdings directly related to proposed activities
  • Costs of regional, national and international networking activities that are directly related to the research program
  • Costs for travel to meetings and workshops
    Salaries associated with coordinators, technicians, administrative staff, knowledge exchange/translation coordinator or specialist and other personnel who will enhance the productivity of the proposed activities
  • Release-time payments to enable employees of practice-, policy- or community-based partners to participate in the research activities
  • Only participants who are trainees or research staff or associates may receive a salary, stipend or honorarium from a Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Health System grant. The only exception is for the time-release payments as described
  • Consulting fees of non-salaried experts (clinicians, business experts, health economists, analyst, etc.)

Costs associated with the following will NOT be supported:

  • Major equipment (>$5,000)
  • Pharmaceutical drug-related trials
  • Local programs or projects in one zone or one hospital that are not generalizable to other zones or sectors
  • Salary support for Principal Applicant or Co-Principal Applicant(s)
  • Costs associated with development and protection of intellectual property

Read the Program Guide for more detailed information on the PRIHS 2018/19: Enhancing Care in the Community opportunity.

If you have any questions about the Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) alignment please contact:

Tracy Wasylak
Chief Program Officer, Strategic Clinical Networks
Alberta Health Services

If you have any questions about the PRIHS Program please contact:

Name: Sandra Stabel
Title: Program Manager, Health
Phone: 780-429-6876

For more information:
Initiatives and Innovations, Alberta Innovates
Phone: 780-423-5727