Health Research Funding

Translational Health Chairs Program

Currently Closed to New Nominations (October 2015)

A partnership with Alberta’s Comprehensive Academic and Research Institutions to recruit translational health leadership in priority areas to improve health and the health system.

Value & Term

From $250,000 up to $600,000 per year for seven years

Funding amount for the Translational Health Chair award will be negotiated based on the specific needs of each candidate.

What are the Translational Health Chairs?

Our Translational Health Chairs Program aims to attract leading researchers to Alberta to build translational capacity in priority health research and innovation areas.

What are the objectives of the Translational Health Chairs?

The objective for this recruitment opportunity is to address gaps in capacity in Alberta for translational health activities within the continuum from research to innovation. The intent is to develop a critical mass of translational researchers in priority areas of health who have a clear focus on improving health outcomes and health system outcomes, and providing socio-economic benefits for the province.

This program will help Alberta develop capacity through active recruitment for translational health research in four of the priority areas identified in Alberta’s Health Research and Innovation Strategy: Innovative Health Services Delivery, Chronic Diseases, Mental Health and Addictions, and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

We are contributing to the recruitment and establishment of university-based research and innovation faculty. This is a partnership between AIHS and Alberta’s Comprehensive Academic and Research Institutions (CARIs) that will enable the recruitments. Our contribution to the support of new Faculty is thus focused on helping to bring people to the province and establishing their activities at a competitive level. Each of the approved Chairs will be supported for a total of seven years after which time our support will end. There are no renewal opportunities beyond the initial term of the Chair.

Who is eligible to apply?

Nominations for our Translational Health Chair are coordinated by the Vice-President (Research) Office at an eligible Comprehensive Alberta Research Institution, which includes the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Lethbridge and Athabasca University. Please contact the appropriate Vice-President (Research) Office for more information regarding the availability and allocation of an Alberta Innovates Translation Health Chair at the institution.

The Translational Health Chairs can be recruited at any time starting in January 2012, and will be actively operating (in place) in Alberta with a start date no later than December 31, 2016.

The Translational Health Chairs are intended solely for recruitment purposes and therefore faculty members at Alberta-based institutions prior to January 1, 2012 are NOT eligible to be appointed to Translational Health Chairs. Alberta-based trainees recruited into faculty positions as of January 1, 2012 ARE eligible for recruitment under the Translational Health Chairs opportunity.

What opportunities are available?

A Chair position will be considered based on the experience and international standing of the candidate and not the need for funding (i.e. a senior recruit in a given research sector or area may not require the full maximum funding allowable under this program).

It is anticipated that the funding offered to individual candidates will range from $250,000 to $600,000 per year and will be negotiated based on the specific needs of each candidate.

What is the application process?

The application of an AIHS Translational Health Chair is a two phase process. The Phase 1 nomination package for a candidate will provide a vision statement for the goals of the chair and the potential synergies within the nominating university and with other Alberta post-secondary institutions or relevant organizations (for example Alberta Health Services) and is to consist of the following information:

1. A covering letter from the university outlining:

  • A brief description of the proposed Chair position;
  • The intended research focus;
  • The alignment to current institutional strengths; and
  • The resource and budget requirements.

2. A copy of the nominated candidate’s most up to date curriculum vitae.

The nominating university will receive committee feedback from the Phase 1 review process for the candidate. If invited to submit a full nomination package, the nominating university will be requested to put together a Phase 2 nomination package.

The Phase 2 nomination package will consist of the following information:

1. A covering letter from the university president outlining the following:

  • The president’s support for the nomination;
  • Details as to how the individual fits within the province’s overall strategic thematic priorities identified and described in the initial recruitment plan, and the specific priorities of the environment to which he/she will be recruited (i.e. faculty/department/institute levels);
  • Information detailing how the recruitment of the nominated candidate will provide transformative benefits to the university and to the province of Alberta;
  • Confirmation of the arrangements for additional direct funding support that will be provided by the university or other partners, such as: salary support;   internal resources and infrastructure being deployed in the area of the Chair, as well as longer term institutional integration plans for the recruit; and,
  • A commitment from the institution and the nominated candidate for consistent and primary recognition of AIHS throughout the duration of the Chair.

2. An overview of the candidate’s research and innovation (translational) plan for the first five years. This plan should be no greater than five pages in length and include information on the following:

  • specific goals and objectives, and anticipated milestones and deliverables;
  • description of how the candidate’s translational research program will:
    • integrate with related activities currently underway in Alberta;
    • build on collaborations that already exist with researchers and end-users in the province;
    • lead to future collaborations and translational activities and;
    • help catalyze the application of knowledge derived from the research activity to support the province’s innovation agenda.
    • a broad description of how the funds for the award will be allocated.

3. Attachments:

  • A copy of the nominated candidate’s CV; and,
  • Letters from relevant partners or other key stakeholders such as relevant deans and department heads/chairs, key decision-makers from government and other organizations, and important collaborators from Alberta and elsewhere. A signed letter of support is to be provided from any partner that is to commit direct financial support towards the award.

What is the review process?

A timely review process will be conducted by the AIHS Translational Health Chairs Review Committee, composed of experts from outside Alberta, who will provide input into recommendations to the Board of AIHS for final approval of the allocation of a Chair. AIHS will also use external referees who will comment on the candidate’s track record, national and/or international standing, as well as on their proposed translational research program. The first phase application and review will provide an initial assessment on the quality of the nominated candidate. This can occur in advance of the recruitment process.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Translational Health Chair Nomination Process:

For information about chair allocation, availability and nomination process at one of the Comprehensive Alberta Research Institutions, please contact the respective Vice President (Research) Office.

Translational Health Chair Program Guide and Review Process:

Program Contact Information

Name: Tara McCarthy
Title: Acting Program Manager, Health
Phone: 780-429-9337