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Students seeking funding support in the platform areas of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Nanotechnology and Omics should check our Graduate Student Scholarship opportunities.

Training and Early Career Development
These opportunities support the training of future leaders in the health research and innovation environment, so that they gain broad experience that will help them succeed in launching careers in academia, industry, government or elsewhere.
Over the past two decades countries have come to recognize innovation as central to economic sustainability and growth, leading to an increased focus on Highly Skilled People. These individuals – who have advanced degrees in fields such as science, engineering, medicine, finance and economics – are an essential component of knowledge creation and innovation. Alberta Innovates is providing opportunities to foster the development of future health research and innovation leaders, and prepare them to be drivers of change in diverse settings and environments. The Training and Early Career Development opportunities focus on AHRIS priorities, develop skills, provide mentorship, recognize diversity and integrate knowledge translation.

2018 Training and Early Career Development (TECD) competitions are now closed.

View the results of our September 2018 Alberta Innovates’ Training and Early Career Development competitions.

September 7, 2018: submission deadline for the following programs:

We anticipate funding for up to 20 new awards across the TECD portfolio. Competition for these awards will be highly competitive. 

The SPOR Graduate Studentship competition is now closed. October 1, 2018 by 4 p.m. was the submission deadline.

View the results of our October 2018 Alberta SPOR Graduate Studentship Competition – Results competitions.

Funded Trainees

We require our trainee award recipients (Studentships and Fellowships) to submit annual reports. These reports are used for renewal of the Trainee award and for our reporting. The information gathered helps us measure the impact of our funding and helps inform future investments in programs like our Training and Early Career Development (TECD) awards.

The Renewal Report ensures compliance with the terms and conditions of the award for renewal purposes. The information provided helps us ensure that the trainee is supported and award requirements are met. The renewal report is due prior to the end of each award funding year.

Please note,  we require you to email the following documentation to at least two months prior to end date of the current period of support: a completed Renewal Report form, signature page and any supporting documentations. We do not require a hard copy of the completed report.

The Annual Impact Report is one data source used to capture the health research impacts achieved through our funding. All information for the report is collected through an electronic tool called Researchfish®.  The impacts collected in Researchfish® are aligned with AI’s Health Research to Impact Framework, which is based on the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) framework. Aggregated results collected through the Annual Impact Report are communicated to a diverse set of stakeholders including the public. The Annual Impact Report annual submission deadline is April 30.

Alberta Innovates is no longer accepting requests for the PLUS option.


Select from the links below to download your blank renewal or report form.

  • Trainee Renewal Report Form (for awards implemented prior to 2017)