Clinician Researcher Training

MD-PhD Studentship

Competition currently closed – check back for future opportunities

What is the MD-PdD Studentship?

The MD-PhD Studentship provides opportunities for support to individuals undertaking combined MD-PhD degrees at an Alberta University.

Value & Term

$30,000 per year, and a research and career development allowance of $2,000 per year for up to 5 years. Awards must be implemented January 1, 2019, February 1, 2019 or March 1, 2019.

What are the objectives of the MD-PhD Studentship Opportunity?

The MD-PhD Studentship will provide support to exceptional candidates who wish to pursue careers as physician-scientists, and are pursuing MD and PhD degrees simultaneously.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must be currently enrolled at an Alberta university in a combined MD-PhD program. Support is only available to applicants who have completed their first year of medical school or graduate training.

Important: Please review the MD-PhD Studentship Program Guide before applying.

Program Contact Information

Name: Kathy Morrison
Title: Senior Coordinator, Grants Processing
Phone: 780-429-7655