Water and Land

Climate Adaptation

The knowledge and technologies developed in the climate adaptation program will enable communities, the environment and our economy to both resist and be resilient to the impacts of climate change and significant climate related events (flood, drought, fire, etc.).

Program Objectives

The goal of the climate adaption program is to develop knowledge and innovation that will help Alberta’s communities, industries and ecosystems become more resilient to the effects of climate change that we cannot prevent. Specific objectives for this new Alberta Innovates – Clean Energy program area are being developed in coordination with key Government of Alberta Ministries (Environment and Parks, Agriculture and Forestry, Health, Municipal Affairs, etc.) to broadly support emerging climate adaptation policy needs and development and application of new best practices.

Program Contact Information

Name: Brett Purdy
Title: Executive Director, Water and Land Team
Phone: 780-638-3782
Email: brett.purdy[at]albertainnovates.ca