By working together, we’re showing that this is how Alberta innovates.

You’ll find tools and resources below to help you communicate how Alberta Innovates has invested in your work along with resources to help you along your path promoting your work to the media and through stories and social media.

The Alberta Innovates brand

Please remember, our logos can’t be used as an endorsement of your technology or work. They can only be used as an acknowledgment of support.

Alberta Innovates logos

Alberta Innovates – horizontal oriented

Alberta Innovates horizontal logo

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Alberta Innovates – vertically oriented
Alberta Innovates vertical logo

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Alberta Innovates brand guidelines

Download and refer to this document when using Alberta Innovates logos.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Sample messaging

Shout outs

We are very appreciative of any time  our clients and partners can give us a “shout out.”

An acknowledgment as simple as “with the support of Alberta Innovates” can go a long way in helping raise awareness of our services and supports that helped you!

Other sample acknowledgements include:

  • “I would like to acknowledge Alberta Innovates for the support they provided me for my research/business innovation.”
  • “My work is supported by Alberta Innovates, an organization that expands the horizon of possibilities to solve today’s challenges and create a healthier and more prosperous future for Alberta and the world.”
  • “I would like to acknowledge Alberta Innovates for the support for the support they provided me for my research/business innovation. Their investment helped me to bring my ideas and innovations to market faster.”


Congratulations, you’ve hit a milestone! Now what?

Tell people!

When you hit business milestones or post-secondary milestones as a researcher or student (including awards and other recognition), reach out to us. We’ll explore the possibility of featuring you on one of our channels.

Reach out to

Shout it from the rooftops!

Here are a few ideas:

Notify the media and other stakeholders of the grant or support you received—and the benefits it provides to your organization or project—via a news release or a story. Describe your work in an active voice that promotes how your work is going to benefit Alberta, and possibly the world.

Reach out to us about promoting your story on our website and through our social channels.

Post messages on your social media profile and be sure to share your post with us. We’re active on social media, and can help you reach a larger audience:

  1. Twitter: @ABInnovates
  2. Facebook: @AlbertaInnovates
  3. LinkedIn: Alberta-Innovates
  4. Instagram: albertainnovates

Consider reaching out to your local, regional government and civic representatives at various stages of your work’s journey. This gives you an opportunity to socialize it amongst a larger audience whose focus is on promoting the great work going on in their jurisdictions.

Examples include:

  • Tagging them in your social posts,
  • Inviting them to attend your events and presentations, and
  • Offering them the opportunity to present remarks at your event.

It is always a good opportunity to connect with your local government representative to build a relationship.

Media training

Just got a request from the media? Not sure where to start or what to do? Download our handy two pager for some insight on how to confidently respond to media inquiries.

And now the legal side of things

As a recipient of funding from Alberta Innovates, you’ve agreed to acknowledge, verbally and/or in writing, the support you receive from us and the role it has played in your work.

Provincial support for your research, innovation, or company is an investment by Albertans.

As such, it is important for taxpayers to know how their dollars are being spent.

By acknowledging the role we’ve played in your work you’re demonstrating to Albertans the value of the investment we’ve made in you.

In addition, by acknowledging us in your work, you help strengthen public understanding of, and support for, Alberta Innovates and the efforts we’re making to improve the lives and livelihood of Albertans through our investments in research and innovation for generations to come!

Thank you!