A picture of Zack and Tim from Startup TNT with two of their pitch winners

Shift podcast: A Thursday Night Tradition that’s making an impact across the prairies

Zack Storms and Tim Lynn from Startup TNT join host Jon Hagan on Shift to talk about angel investing and how YOU can become one, storytelling and what they see as Alberta's strengths.

Learn how Total Containment innovates

Leaks from pipelines carrying oil negatively impact the environment and cost money in lost product and clean up. Additionally, it’s...

Qualisure – an AICE-Validate program success story

Recently our very own Jon Hagan, Senior Business Partner of Marketing and Communications at Alberta Innovates, interviewed Dr. Olver Bathe, CEO at Qualisure Diagnostics. Learn more about how Alberta Innovates' Accelerating Innovations into Care (AICE-Validate) program assisted Qualisure Diagnostics along the way.

Alberta Health and Innovation Organizations Invest in Phase II of the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research

Alberta Innovates, the University Hospital Foundation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), together with the Alberta Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research SUPPORT Unit (AbSPORU) and Alberta Health Services, are pleased to announce an investment to continue building a national initiative to ensure health research is relevant to patients and their health outcomes.

MEDIA ADVISORY – $21 million Investment in Patient-Oriented Research will put Patients at the Center of Health Research

MEDIA ADVISORY $21 million investment in Patient-Oriented Research will put patients at the center of health research EDMONTON, ABLERTA, August...

SVG VENTURES | THRIVE Kicks off Inaugural Global Pre-Accelerator Program with 15 Companies

Launching with a cohort of 15 companies from Alberta, other parts of Canada and around the world, the inaugural THRIVE Academy pre-accelerator program commences September 5, 2022. Based in Alberta, Canada the program will support early-stage companies across the agrifood value chain.

Learn how Correct-Ai innovates

Most industrial machinery available today is driven by a human operator who must manually control the equipment. Manual operation of...

Bringing the Future to Life, Today

Digital health is a gamechanger, bringing the future to life, today. Alberta Innovates is leading the evolution of healthcare as...

From Mind to Market

Alberta is investing in new technologies and innovations that have the ability to change the future and change the world....

SVG THRIVE Kickstarts New Academy and Venture Studio

Alberta Innovates, PrairesCan, and SVG Ventures|THRIVE launch $3-million tech pre-accelerator. SVG Ventures|THRIVE (THRIVE), in partnership with  Alberta Innovates, and PrairiesCan is announcing the start of THRIVE Academy and THRIVE Venture Studio, supporting entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, early-stage startups and spin-outs in the agri-food technology sector.

Alberta Innovates, PrairesCan, and SVG Ventures|THRIVE launch $3-million tech pre-accelerator

Alberta Innovates, PrairesCan, and SVG Ventures|THRIVE launch $3-million tech pre-accelerator

Hydrogen Centre of Excellence Launches Tech Competition

Alberta Innovates and the Government of Alberta are announcing the first Advancing Hydrogen – Competition 1 program. The provincial hydrogen economy is a key component in Alberta’s Recovery Plan and the provincial Hydrogen Roadmap. $20 million dollars will be available over 24 months to support projects under the Advancing Hydrogen – Competition 1 program. Proposals are being accepted in areas including, hydrogen production, storage, transmission, end-use, increased competitiveness, and economic diversification.