Alberta Catalyzer Starts 2022 with a New Name and First Cohort of Entrepreneurs

Alberta Catalyzer, the new provincial pre-accelerator for tech-focused startups, is kicking off the new year with its official name and its inaugural cohort of 35 participating entrepreneurs from across the province. A collaboration between Platform Calgary and Innovate Edmonton, Alberta Catalyzer is providing education, mentorship, programming, and resources to help innovation-driven startup founders prepare for their next phase of growth.

Alberta Innovates investment leads to geothermal clean tech win for Eavor

Less than 0.3% of the world’s energy output is from geothermal energy. This is, in part, due to the lack...

A photo of Myrna and Dean Bittner on stage at the UNIDO award ceremony

Decarbonizing growing urban environments

In a nutshell, RWI Synthetics reimagines cities by recreating them virtually and seeing how the infrastructure and population respond to changes. Their work can be summed up as shining a light on the expensive and frustrating problems that all kinds of complex systems have with unprecedented realities, and then designing and exploring alternatives.

Amanda Hall and Laura Kilcrease at Inventures 2019

Emerging technology makes lithium the new black

Amanda Hall is part of a new breed of Alberta innovators using emerging technology to create solutions. In this case, her company, Summit Nanotech, is utilizing nanotechnology in the energy sector.

Alberta Innovates-sponsored program has introduced thousands of students to nanotechnology

For more than a decade, Alberta Innovates has been the sponsor of a unique program that’s introduced thousands of young students to the world of nanotechnology.

Solving Industry Challenges with Made-in-Alberta Tech

A combined total of nearly $50 million is being provided to 23 Alberta projects to advance innovation that will help Alberta become an even stronger leader in clean energy technologies, reduce emissions over the near and long term, and create jobs for Albertans.

Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge selects successful phase II projects

Alberta Innovates and the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) have selected 12 projects to participate in Phase II of the Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge.

Inventures Announces 2021 Startup Pitch Winners

Today, Inventures announces the winners of the fourth annual Startup Pitch Competition. With the cancellation of this year’s live Inventures conference, due to COVID-19, the pitch event was held virtually.

Routique logo

Calgary software innovator helps to make supply chain networks seamless

Routeique is developing revolutionary cloud-based solutions to warehouse distributors, manufacturers and others across the supply chain in Canada and globally.

A photo of Nobal Technologies iMIrror in the Puma store

Calgary-based tech firm looks to reinvent how we shop with innovative iMirror

If you haven’t heard of NOBAL Technologies, think again. This Calgary-based firm is poised to shape the future of shopping with its smart mirror technology. And make no mistake, the iMirror, which was developed with support from Alberta Innovates, is no ordinary mirror.

Bitumen Beyond Combustion: White Paper – Clean Tech Making Carbon an Economic and Environmental Asset

Bitumen from Alberta’s oil sands can be repurposed to create a new industry based on advanced materials, and can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a new paper released by Alberta Innovates has confirmed.

Building green with emerging technology

Alberta Innovates is announcing a new funding opportunity to advance emerging technologies that utilize Alberta’s plentiful forest and agricultural biomass, and encourage their use in green construction to support economic development of the bioindustrial sector.