Alberta researchers investigate lignin as feedstock for biofuel

The University of Alberta has developed an exciting new technology supported by Alberta Innovates which is able to convert oils and fats, commonly known as lipids, into green fuels such as renewable diesel and bio jet fuel.

Trident water pump mounted on an all-terrain vehicle

Alberta entrepreneur builds unique water pump to deal with forest fires

On the May long weekend this year, Kevin Younker received a distress call from the owner of a work camp near Manning in northern Alberta. A wildfire was encroaching on the multi-million-dollar structure located in a remote bush area outside the town.

Technologist Matt Babicki stands by G4 Natural Gas Unit

G4 Insights Inc. converts forestry biomass into renewable natural gas

Renewable natural gas start-up company completes key milestone converting Alberta forest residues into pipeline-quality gas.

Edmonton SHEInnovates event brings together women in tech and innovation

The SHEInnovates event at Edmonton’s Epcor Tower on October 22 brought together women in science, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation from...

James Keirstead of Levven Electronics outside their office

Flipping the switch

An Edmonton start-up hopes to revolutionize home automation with novel technology that drastically reduces both cost and installation time.

Alberta entrepreneur: Amphibious excavators as the ultimate all-terrain vehicles

The road less excavated

Great Excavations was launched by CEO John Skierka after a pivotal conversation with a family friend who wondered aloud why no one had solved the problem of birds nesting in tailing ponds in the North.

Photo of Marty Enokson

Alberta researcher leads team focused on improving healthcare for patients with obesity

For most of his life, 52-year-old Marty Enokson has lived with severe obesity. But it was a three-month hospital stay for weight-loss surgery a decade ago that reminded him of the stigma people with obesity often face in the healthcare system.

Paintearth Mine BIOSALIX reclamation site near Forestburg, Alta.

Alberta coal mine reclamation project to provide green energy source

Alberta Innovates is joining federal, provincial, municipal and industry partners in contributing to a unique clean technology demonstration project to reclaim land at an Alberta coal mine.

Robert Mayall from FredSense standing outside the University of Calgary after graduating

From disinterested undergrad to all-star researcher and entrepreneur

Today, nearly 10 years later, Robert is a successful researcher and entrepreneur who has co-founded a growing business, received two prestigious scholarships and completed his PhD. So what happened?

Calgary startup aims to unlock brain medicine with next-generation microsensors

Neuraura’s sensors are comprised of tiny, three-dimensional electrodes. At one-fifth the width of a human hair, the wireless devices can be inserted into the brain with minimal impact.

Capturing high value products from oilseeds ‘just the way nature made them’

At a 3,000-tonne-a-year production facility in Calgary, Botaneco applies water and mechanical equipment to carefully remove natural plant components from the seeds.

Siguo Chen speaks to Nuovo Leon delegates

Creating Global Opportunities Through Technology Development

While the mantra of “going global” makes sense in terms of growing business revenues, it can be daunting for small or medium sized companies whose success is based on local markets. Technology development can be a softer, less risky way to go global.