Alberta Innovates Forms Strategic Partnership

There are nearly 500,000 health-related digital tools to supplement individual health and wellness, but customers do not know they exist. With so many health and well-being solutions on the market, many people face the overwhelming task of deciding what will meet their personalized needs and help improve their wellness. Alberta Blue Cross and Alberta Innovates are partnering to connect people with innovative digital health solutions to support the prevention and management of chronic disease and mental health, two of the largest contributors to the rising cost of benefit plans.

Learn how GoGetFit innovates

GoGetFit is an app developed in Alberta that helps people of all ages make healthy lifestyle changes. The app allows healthcare professionals and the fitness community to connect with individuals who are seeking to improve their health.

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Learn how Blindman Brewing innovates

Blindman Brewing is an innovative craft brewer that is demonstrating how breweries can make an impact on CO2 capture and utilization while lowering their cost of production.

The Metaverse and how it will Revolutionize Everything

Matthew Ball, an international expert on the metaverse will be a featured keynote at INVENTURE$ 2023 in Calgary, May 31-June 2. He will take center stage on Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

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Trends in Clinical Health Research

Alberta Innovates is looking ahead to explore future trends in clinical health research through the Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC), an Alberta Innovates-led initiative with the vision of high-quality, integrated, and efficient clinical health research. The ACRC is dedicated to the evolution of clinical health research and brings together researchers, healthcare delivery providers and provincial government ministries to drive innovation in the province.

Learn how mmHg innovates

Minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency while improving patient outcomes is critical for healthcare facilities around the world. This is especially true for healthcare organizations that support marginalized populations. mmHg Inc. is a physician-led digital health start-up and one of the first companies to offer platform-as-a-service in the global cardio care market segment to help improve healthcare.

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Shift podcast: Everything communicates

A few of our many stops along the way include a discussion around what Andrew calls the signal to noise ratio and how founders need to protect their time, the importance of humility and the need to learn from our mistakes, and his mantra that everything communicates.

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Shift podcast: Conquering uncertainty or at least getting comfortable with it

James Keirstead is a tireless advocate for entrepreneurs in Edmonton and Alberta, and this candid interview really sheds light on his approach to business and life.

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Shift podcast: Edmonton Unlimited spearheads Edmonton Startup Week

Alberta has a lot to boast about when it comes to female tech leaders, and our next guest is no exception. Catherine Warren leads the newly-rebranded Edmonton Unlimited as a vital cog in Alberta’s tech entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Learn how RWI Synthetics innovates

RUNWITHIT Synthetics (RWI) Synthetic City Platform helps city decision-makers measure the outcomes and impacts of policy choices using forecasting, advanced simulations, data management, synthetic modelling, synthetic data generation, and virtual reality visualization. Synthetic Cities can be used to inform integrated urban (re)development strategies while accelerating meaningful climate action with innovative plans, pilots, and programs.

New plan to build Alberta’s clinical research ecosystem

NEWS RELEASE Edmonton, Alberta, September 27, 2022 – The Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC) is releasing its Phase III Strategic...

NanoTess – an AICE-Validate success story

We recently sat down with CEO, Megan Leslie, and COO Julian Mulia, from NanoTess Inc. to talk to them about their company and their journey through the commercialization process. They were successful in obtaining support through Alberta Innovates' Accelerating Innovation into Care (AICE-Validate) program. Find out how that support advanced their journey through commercialization.