High-tech matchmaking in the oilpatch improves supply chain logistics

Innovative new platform also reduces environmental waste caused by inaccurate data   Buyers, sellers and transporters of petroleum products will...

Statement from Ministers Schweitzer and Aheer

Women in the workplace “The past few months have been tough for Alberta businesses, families and communities in every part...

Female filmmakers bring a new lens to Alberta’s film industry

The works of female filmmakers — and those of any marginalized group — are a key part of Alberta’s story. Learn how women are bringing more representation to Alberta's film industry.

Entrepreneur Bobbie Racette provides virtual opportunities for real growth

In 2016, Bobbie Racette was a Calgary-based freelancer launching a career as a virtual assistant. However, she soon encountered a key challenge with the existing platforms: clients...

How Susanne Riegel turned a troubled thesis project into a new opportunity with an innovative start-up

A self-described small-town girl from Alberta, Susanne Riegel has already had a remarkable career and made a lasting impression on the province.

Women in innovation and why it matters

Why do gender diversity and equality matter in the world of business and innovation? It’s simple, says Arielle Gross Samuels,...

Helping the helpers – impacts of COVID-19 on assisted-living residents, family, friends

How are residents in assisted-living facilities coping during the COVID -19 pandemic? What about their families and friends? These questions are the subject of a research project supported...

Supporting technology adoption for health providers

Learn how the ImplementAB.digH program can support the adoption of digital health technologies in health delivery organizations.

Young adults with autism gain new employment opportunities

Young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (autism) face a bleak future. 85 to 90 per cent of those who graduate from high school, or college, are either unemployed or underemployed. However, Ling Huang, CEO of Alberta-based Technology North wants to change that.

A photo of Attabotics employees working, with one smiling at the camera.

Raising investment funds in the time of COVID

When the pandemic hit this spring, Calgary startup Attabotics was in the midst of a major effort. The four-year-old robotics company was striving to raise funds to accelerate deployment of its novel warehousing technology, scale manufacturing operations, bolster its team and more.

Women Lead Their Own Destiny Through Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurism

On September 15, 2020 Alberta Innovates and SHEInnovatesAlberta will deliver a unique virtual event designed to support leaders, entrepreneurs and investors. Women Leading Innovation offers insights with influential women who are changing the innovation game.

Alberta Innovates injects $2.1 M into COVID Research

Alberta Innovates is announcing an additional $2.1 M investment in research and innovation projects that will slow the spread and lessen the impact of COVID-19.