July 8, 2021

Strengthening Alberta Health Technology Companies


Strengthening Alberta Health Technology Companies

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, July 8, 2021 – What if there was a way that Alberta health-technology companies could quickly and efficiently connect with 60,000 physicians, specialists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to test their innovations? The Health Technology Commercialization Hub (HaTCH) will do just that.

Alberta health-technology companies who have solutions to some of healthcare’s biggest challenges can access HaTCH to gain access to expert training, integration with leading medical software, and access to an existing market of hundreds of thousands of end users.

HaTCH is powered by Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp. with support from Alberta Innovates. Brightsquid created and supports the HaTCH marketplace, where users and innovators can connect and discover, develop and refine innovations and ideas. Alberta Innovates is partnering with Brightsquid to provide advice and healthcare market expertise to assist health-technology companies to commercialize their health care solutions.

Early-stage health-tech companies can apply to enroll in the HaTCH program at hatchhub.ca.


“Alberta is becoming a world leader in life sciences and health technology. The HaTCH program will give start-ups the tools they need to succeed. Connecting doctors with the new tech means that Alberta will remain on the leading edge of health care innovation, and that’s a win for both the health care system and Albertans.”

Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation

“HaTCH was developed by Brightsquid to help companies navigate the complexities of Alberta’s healthcare system. Innovators and Entrepreneurs who have excellent ideas to solve our biggest healthcare problems. HaTCH will enable health technology companies to succeed.”

Rohit Joshi, Co-Founder and CEO, Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp.

“Partnerships and collaborations decrease the time it takes an entrepreneur to see a product developed, tested and to the end users in the marketplace. The health technology commercialization hub can create the connections technology-based small and medium businesses need to compete with the world .”

Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates

“HaTCH helps Alberta entrepreneurs get health innovations into the hands those who need them sooner. Our support of the HaTCH program advances our digital health goals and will strengthen Alberta’s growing health technology sector.”

Tim Murphy, Vice President Health, Alberta Innovates


Alberta Innovates is helping power the future of digital health in Alberta by contributing $500 thousand to HaTCH program.

Brightsquid Communications Corp. has over a decade of experience working with clinics and healthcare organizations to support the digital transformation of healthcare. Over 240,000 professional and patient users exchange information using Brightsquid Secure-Mail to increase access to care and create clinic efficiencies that benefit the sustainability of the healthcare system. The Brightsquid privacy support team consults with hundreds of healthcare organizations and vendors to ensure on-going privacy-compliance through the adoption of new technology. Find out more about Brightsquid Communications Corp.

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