Impact Management

We are committed to demonstrating the impact and value of our programs, and to working closely with many cross-sector stakeholders to get the most benefit from these investments.

We are global experts in developing impact management systems and strategies to optimize impact for the corporation and the larger Alberta ecosystem. These impact management systems allow us to improve what we do and how we do it.

A framework for success

Reflecting international best practices, we are guided by an impact framework that helps us plan, measure, evaluate and communicate our progress. Working together with the community, the framework (outlined in the figure below) guides our investment and key implementation activities to achieve intended outcomes and impact. We are an organization that constantly evolves and we use evidence to learn what works and share lessons learned, so that we can continuously improve.

A diagram that outlines the Alberta Innovates Research & Innovation Impact framework

You can read more about the intended outcomes, performance measures and milestones by downloading the business plan.

Managing for success

As an outcomes-focused organization, we work together with the community to build organizational capabilities, capacities and service delivery excellence that contributes to achieving a prosperous economy, sustainable environment and healthier Albertans. We use a collaborative approach to implement an integrated impact management system within the business life cycle and provide expert advice and impact services to the research and innovation ecosystem.

Our impact management services

Impact capacity building

We offer a range of training, courses and workshops to develop skills and talent in the area of impact.

Impact strategic planning & implementation

We work collaboratively to implement impact strategies as part of a tailored management solution.

Impact assessment & communication

We work with a global community of practice to generate evidence, evaluate, measure and communicate impact.