2018 Training and Early Career Development (TECD) competitions are now open

May 31, 2018

These opportunities support the training of future leaders in the health research and innovation environment, so that they gain broad experience that will help them succeed in launching careers in academia, industry, government or elsewhere.

We anticipate funding up to 20 new awards across the TECD portfolio. Competition for these awards will be highly competitive.

Submission deadline is September 7, 2018

TECD Portfolio includes:

  • Graduate Studentship: for individuals undertaking health-related research in pursuit of a Master’s or PhD at an Alberta university
  • MD-PhD Studentship: for individuals pursuing combined MD and PhD degrees at an Alberta university
  • Postgraduate Fellowship: for individuals conducting postdoctoral health-related research at an Alberta university
  • Clinician Fellowship – for individuals who hold health professional degrees with clinical accreditation and are undertaking graduate or postgraduate studies at an Alberta university


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Training and Early Career Development (Health) program