BioEconomy Initiative

Recommendations to Build Alberta’s Bioeconomy

Final Report (May 2013)

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Alberta, similar to many jurisdictions, is focused on identifying and securing near and long-term economic and sustainable prosperity. Economic diversification to enhance economic resilience, ensure balanced and sustained growth, maintain the well-being of communities and provide diverse employment opportunities to retain the skills and talents of all Albertans, is important.

In collaboration with stakeholders in government, academia and industry, Alberta Innovates led the development of recommendations to advance Alberta’s bioeconomy, focusing on the non-food, non-pharma bioindustrial sector, which will help to inform investments and alignment of resources in those areas of the bioeconomy with the highest potential.

The collaborative, cross sector, interdisciplinary recommendations build on Alberta’s original bioindustrial investments in research and infrastructure. The recommendations will contribute to an aligned, interconnected, networked system that focuses on enhanced research, development and commercialization bioeconomy initiatives over the next 10 to 20 years, contributing to a diversified provincial economy and economic security for Alberta.

Alberta Innovates has a strong commitment to establishing essential links and fostering innovation that creates value for Alberta bioindustries. Premier Redford has spoken about the Government of Alberta’s interest in developing “a competitive, world-class resource economy for the 21st century” (Throne Speech, May 2012).  As we consider the recommendations in our future initiatives, we believe that investing in Alberta’s bioeconomy will make a major contribution to the provincial vision of a sustainable, diversified economy.

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