Biological Greenhouse Gas Management

The Biological Greenhouse Gas Management Program was funded by Emissions Reduction Alberta and delivered by Alberta Innovates.

In 2010, Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) began a discovery process to determine how best to deliver on the mandate of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from biological industries such as agriculture and forestry, and enhancing biological carbon sequestration. Results of a workshop and consultants’ reports revealed that approximately 8% (18.8Mt CO2eq/yr) of the provincial emissions could be attributed to managed biological systems. As well, a substantive opportunity, perhaps ultimately as much as 23Mt CO2eq/yr, could be achieved not only by direct emission reductions, but also by optimizing the use of biological source materials to offset emissions from inventoried emitters.

Understanding that many significant barriers blocked immediate achievement of this objective, the ERA Board decided to provide up to $2.7M yr to support the Biological GHG Management Program. The program was managed by AIberta Innovates.

The program supported projects across a wide range of opportunity areas, including livestock management, offset protocol analysis, landscape-scale soil carbon assessment, waste management, bioproducts development, use of biological processes to mitigate industrial CO2 emissions and others.