Our clean energy focus

Clean energy at Alberta Innovates

In clean energy we serve as a catalyst for the development of innovative, integrated ways to convert Alberta’s natural resources into market-ready, environmentally sustainable management of Alberta’s water resources. Our vision is to help Alberta lead the world in developing innovative environmental technologies building on our natural advantages to achieve a prosperous, environmentally and socially sustainable diversified economy. We serve as the lead agency for advancing energy and environmental technology innovation in Alberta in three areas:

Renewables and emerging technology

The province’s strategic priorities around renewables and emerging technologies are to transform Alberta into a renewable and alternate energy powerhouse – a major contributor to Alberta’s new economy. Our role is to champion strategic approaches for acquiring, advancing and integrating the knowledge required to make Alberta a global leader in the development of cleaner energy and greener communities. Our key objectives are to support the transition to a lower carbon electricity and fuels, and pursue emerging clean technology opportunities.

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Energy technologies

Our goals around energy technologies are to deliver the lowest carbon emissions clean fuels and electricity to local and world markets. We work to bridge the gap between turning ideas into solutions for the energy and environmental sectors.Our objectives are to:

  • Help Alberta transition to a low carbon economy
  • Increase the value of Alberta’s oil sands resources
  • Improve oil sands production efficiency.

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Water and environmental management

The goals for our water and environmental management programs are to develop world-class research, innovation and technical solutions to sustain the environment and economy. Our objectives work toward:

  • Reducing the footprint of industrial activities
  • Increasing biodiversity intactness for native species and their habitats
  • Reducing fugitive emissions from venting and flaring
  • Safe, secure drinking water for six million, while enhancing aquatic ecosystems.

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