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Clean Energy develops and invests in applied research and innovation (R&I) programs to sustain/grow/diversify the energy and resource industries, develop clean technology, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect the environment in Alberta. We support resource and technology companies, small and medium enterprises, and post-secondary institutions in their research, technology development, and commercialization. Clean Energy helps industry clients accelerate technology development and deployment, grow their businesses, and enhance competitiveness. Market pull is assured through direct end user support of all invested projects. We provide technical insights to the Government of Alberta (GOA) on resource development, energy diversification, climate leadership, and water/land policies. The Clean Energy team provides technical due-diligence and project management services to Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) and leads the delivery of Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework (CCITF) Programs.
Clean Energy invests in seven programs across three portfolios:

  • Advanced Hydrocarbons
  • Clean Technology
  • Environmental Innovation

Key programs include:

  • Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production
  • Innovative Hydrocarbon Products
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy
  • Water Innovation

These programs are designed to deliver the R&I outcomes in Alberta’s Research and Innovation Framework (ARIF) including economic diversification and job creation, environmental stewardship and climate leadership, effective resource management, and engaged individuals and communities for a healthy Alberta.
Recently, new initiatives (highlighted in the Figure below) have been developed to focus on core emerging technologies for Clean Energy: data-enabled innovation, digital technology for business, clean-tech, and innovative production and distribution. The CCITF programs and our support for ERA are also aligned with these priorities. Clean Energy’s programs will accelerate and broaden the adoption of innovation in the energy industry, contribute $100 billion in economic opportunities, and lead to greater sustainability in Alberta.


Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production (CHP):

The CHP program is designed to enhance the economic and GHG competitiveness of Alberta’s $100B oil and gas industry. It consists of 3 sub-programs: Recovery Technologies funds innovative techniques of hydrocarbon extraction that reduce GHGs, water usage and land footprint while improving the cost competitiveness of industry and/or accessing new resource. Methane Emissions Reduction measures, monitors, and mitigates methane emissions in alignment with provincial and federal targets. Digital Oilfield accelerates development and adoption of a wide variety of emerging technologies in the oil & gas industry for economic and environmental benefits.
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Innovative Hydrocarbon Products (IHP):

The IHP program is designed to diversify Alberta’s economy and add value to hydrocarbon resources that will enable Alberta to achieve prosperity in a low carbon global economy. It consists of 3 sub-programs: Partial Upgrading adds value to Alberta’s bitumen while increasing pipeline capacity and reducing industry operating costs and lifecycle Greenhouse Gases. Methane Value-Add converts natural gas into higher value products such as liquid fuels and hydrogen. Bitumen Beyond Combustion converts bitumen into high-value non-fuel products for economic diversification, value-add, and significant GHG reductions.
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Renewable and Alternate Energy (RAE):

The Renewable and Alternative Energy Program supports Alberta’s transition to a low-carbon economy by investing in a shift to renewable and low-carbon electricity while maintaining a reliable and affordable grid system. It includes three sub-programs: Grid Modernization includes the Alberta Smart Grid Consortium initiatives and energy storage opportunities. Low Carbon Electricity focuses on innovative clean technologies to support the transition to and use of renewables in Alberta. Low-Emitting Alternative Generation focuses on new types of generation and decentralized opportunities to diversify Alberta’s electricity system.
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The Bio-Energy Program supports the development of a bioenergy industry that contributes to Alberta’s supply of renewable energy through the production of biofuels and novel value-added products. The program is a key part of the transition to a low carbon future and circular economy and enables the participation of Alberta’s urban and rural communities. This sector is served by the programming in Clean Energy as well as Alberta Innovates’ Bio division. In Clean Energy, the focus remains on energy conversion and use. The program includes two subprograms: Waste to Value-Added Products, and Conversion and Refining.
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Carbon Capture & Utilization:

The Carbon Capture and Utilization Program invests in transformative carbon dioxide (CO2) utilization technologies that will contribute to Alberta’s greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation and economic diversification efforts, through bold and focused innovation. The program prioritizes innovation to convert CO2 into useful products with significant commercial value and market demand through cost-competitive and environmentally sound technology solutions. It includes three subprograms: Carbon Capture, Carbon Utilization and Hydrogen.
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Land and Biodiversity (L+BD):

The goal of the Land and Biodiversity program is to ensure natural resource development operations and practices are environmentally sustainable. The program is positioned to support achievement of both AI Goals and ARIF Targets for 2030: a) that the rate of land reclamation is equal to or better than the rate of land disturbance, and b) that biodiversity in the province is maintained or enhanced. The portfolio includes subprograms related to Environmental Monitoring, Oil Sands Tailings, Remediation and Restoration, Climate Adaptation and the new initiative in Abandoned Well Reclamation. The program is provincial in scope but focuses on oil sands region.
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Water Innovation Program (WIP):

The Water Innovation Program (WIP) is designed to achieve the goals of the Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy. The program invests in four key themes:

  1. Future Water Supply and Watershed Management,
  2. Healthy Aquatic Ecosystems,
  3. Water Use Conservation, Efficiency, and Productivity, and
  4. Water Quality Protection.

The knowledge and technologies developed in this program will help to create a cleantech industry in water treatment, support 30% improvement in water use conservation, efficiency, and productivity by 2030, and provide safe, secure, and reliable water resources for up to six million people while maintaining the health of aquatic ecosystems. The program has high impacts in agriculture and energy industries and urban and rural communities.
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