ARECCI Training Opportunities

Project Ethics Course

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Second Opinion Reviewer Program

This advanced program trains practitioners and professionals to help project leads assess and mitigate ethical risks. Prerequisites include taking the Project Ethics course and having experience in conducting projects.

The program begins with a 1.5 day course during with the ARECCI framework is reviewed thoroughly, concentrating on the proper application of the two decision-support tools. Then, candidates review several projects under the mentorship of an experienced Second Opinion Reviewer.

The final step is to complete a capstone project that furthers the work of ARECCI in some way. The entire program takes approximately eight months to complete.

Train the Facilitator Program

This program prepares Second Opinion Reviewers to become facilitators of the Project Ethics course. In the initial two day face-to-face course, the curriculum is thoroughly discussed. Candidates then co-facilitate at least two courses with an experienced facilitator.

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The materials for all three training opportunities are licensed under Creative Commons.