Strategic priorities

We are in Phase II of the ACRC Strategic Plan

Phase II ACRC Strategic Priorities

The ACRC has now completed Phase I of the Inaugural Strategic Plan and we are in Phase II with new priorities. The Strategic Plan outlines priorities relevant to the vision of the ACRC as identified by our stakeholders and presents action plans, key steps, and proposed projects to achieve desired goals. The Phase II Strategic Priorities align with ACRC’s vision of increasing high quality, integrated, efficient clinical research in Alberta.

The three new Strategic Priorities are:

1.  Making clinical health research in Alberta clear, simple transparent and efficient: Improve the efficiency of clinical health research administrative processes across the province.

2. Partnerships and participation in clinical health research: Engage industry, funders, senior leaders, the public and community physicians to increase opportunities for Alberta clinical health researchers and patients.

3. Sustainable, integrated clinical health research: Identify the enabling actions, assets, resources and infrastructure for sustainable, integrated clinical health research.

ACRC Strategic Plan – Phase II

Strategic Plan at-a-glance Phase II

Strategic Plan at-a-glance Phase I

Inaugural Strategic Plan

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By providing opportunities for professional development and networking, the ACRC promotes inter-organizational connectivity.

Processes and Technology

The ACRC supports the development of IT systems that facilitate the seamless exchange of appropriate information.


By providing tools, templates and resources guided by best practice and rooted in quality by design, we aim to build the capacity of clinical health research.


In order to facilitate a research culture in Alberta, the ACRC encourages physicians, nurses, staff and researchers to undertake clinical research as a part of their evidence-based clinical practice.