Health Research Ethics

Provincial health research ethics activities at Alberta Innovates.

We manage the following two programs, which both play an important role in the province’s health research ethics ecosystem:

  1. A pRoject Ethics Community Consensus Initiative (ARECCI) helps practitioners, agencies and organizations identify and mitigate ethical risks in program evaluations, quality improvement projects, needs assessments, health innovations and knowledge translation, and
  2. The Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta (HREBA), one of Alberta’s three Health Information Act-designated Research Ethics Boards

Research studies which involve the health of humans or their health information must be evaluated to ensure that they are being carried out ethically.  This means that in each study demonstrates:

  • Respect for human dignity
  • Respect for free and informed consent
  • Respect for vulnerable persons
  • Respect for privacy and confidentiality
  • Respect for justice and inclusiveness
  • Consideration of harms and benefits

These ethical principles are used by research ethics boards throughout Canada and North America, who follow the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Ethical Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2; 2014).