Secondary Use Data Project

What is the SUDP?

Every day, Alberta’s health system generates a wealth of data and information. Initially data has a primary purpose that may relate to a number of specific uses, including patient care, finances or staffing. However, this information may also help researchers and analysts have a better understanding of health system performance, disease, and more. When data is used in a way that differs from the original reason it was collected, it’s called secondary use data.

The Secondary Use Data Project is a provincially led, multi-partner project to facilitate the enhanced and advanced use of secondary use health and social data for the health and socioeconomic benefit of Albertans.

Phase one

Six working groups composed of over 70 participants from 18 different public, government, and private organizations provided recommendations for developing a multi-faceted solution for sharing, accessing, and using secondary use data.

Phase two

Five demonstration projects being completed by health system partners (Alberta Health Services, Alberta Health, PolicyWise for Children and Families, Community and Social Services, Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network) along with Alberta Innovates as a coordinating agency. The five projects aim to examine Alberta’s capabilities and challenges related to secondary data access and use; findings from the projects will be used to determine the tools and expertise required to further improve Alberta’s use of secondary data.

Phase three

The Phase three roadmap is being developed by the vision statement in Phase one and is being informed by lessons learned from Phase two.

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Tim Murphy, MBA, Vice President, Health