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2018 newsletters

  • July 31: New guides help patients, researchers, and clinicians to engage in Patient-Oriented Research
  • June 29: Podcast shares AbSPORU data success and patient-engagement best-practice
  • May 31: AbSPORU Summer Institute 2018 on Patient-Oriented Research Highlights Importance of Collaboration
  • April 28: AbSPORU Graduate Studentship recipients make an impact
  • March 29: Leading the way to connect Alberta’s communities with health researchers
  • February 28: AbSPORU Summer Institute draws outstanding lineup of speakers
  • January 31: Alberta’s Top 11 Priorities for Depression Research announced

2017 newsletters

  • December 29: AbSPORU Graduate Studentships and more
  • November 30: Happy holidays from AbSPORU and more
  • September 29: AbSPORU supports research into chronic pain management in children & youth and more
  • August 31: Studentships further knowledge of patient-oriented research and more
  • July 31: Helping researchers achieve outcomes for MS patients and more
  • June 30: Summer Institute 2017 highlights and more news
  • May 31: FRAISE Project setting research priorities and more
  • April 28: Helping researchers get funding through Letters of Support and more
  • March 31: BedMed Initiative shows changing role of patient in collaborative research
  • February 28: Summer Institute 2017 and more
  • January 31: AbSPORU awards graduate studentships in patient-oriented research and more

2016 newsletters

  • December 23: Happy holidays from the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit and other news
  • November 30: Helping researchers to set priorities for head and neck cancers and other news
  • October 31: Bringing a patient voice to AbSPORU and other news
  • September 30: AbSPORU Data Platform: Speeding up access to data
  • August 31: AIHS Consolidates with other Innovates Corporations and other SPOR news
  • July 29: Alberta SPOR Studentships in Patient-Oriented Research open
  • May 31: Summer Institute Special Edition
  • April 5: Knowledge Translation Platform – Open for Services
  • February 23: SPOR has a new visual identity!
  • January 29: Graduate Studentships in Patient-Oriented Research Spark Student Interest

2015 newsletters

  • December 23: Happy Holidays from the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit
  • October 19: The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit: Open for business

2014 updates

  • September 12: Alberta’s SPOR SUPPORT Unit Leads
  • August 11: Alberta’s SPOR SUPPORT Unit funding; Platform Leads
  • February 6: Alberta’s SPOR SUPPORT Unit business plan approved

2013 updates