Alberta Bio Future

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Support for Alberta’s bioeconomy 

The Alberta Bio Future program is a legacy program that has no current funding opportunities. To learn about related programs, please see the Bioindustrial Materials program.

The bioeconomy holds significant economic potential for Alberta, a province with abundant biomass, advanced infrastructure and highly qualified personnel. The Alberta Bio Future (ABF) program advanced bioindustrial innovation and the bioeconomy.

The bioindustrial sector is also at the leading edge of clean technology. As such, ABF focused on increasing sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint by promoting use of Alberta’s renewable resources. 

We primarily focused on projects that add value to biomass in agriculture and forestry, and created new and improved bioindustrial products and bioindustrial technologies. Food, feed and pharma products are not included in this program.


The purpose is to increase the value derived from our province’s rich, renewable biomass resource and grow a competitive, sustainable and profitable bioproducts industry (materials, chemicals and energy). 

This program is also designed to encourage and support collaborations and partnerships between industry, the academic community, government ministries and other funding agencies.

Funding opportunities

The Alberta Bio Future program is fully subscribed and closed to new applications. To learn more about related funding opportunities, please see the Bioindustrial Materials program.


Bioeconomy Initiatives

Alberta Forest Products Roadmap

Representatives from Alberta forestry companies met with Government of Alberta officials in 2010 to chart a course for the future of the sector. The Alberta Forest Products Roadmap is the result of that consultation.

BioE Initiative

Alberta Innovates led development of recommendations to advance Alberta’s bioeconomy, in collaboration with stakeholders in government, academia and industry. The focus was on the non-food, non-pharma bioindustrial sector. Released in May 2013, strategies arising from the BioE Initiative report may lead to new approaches to investments and alignment of resources in those areas of the bioeconomy with the highest potential.

Bioeconomy Alberta

BioEconomy Alberta is an informal network of representatives from the innovation system, government, academia and industry. The BioE team supports the development of Alberta’s bioindustrial sector by providing technical and business knowledge to new and expanding bio ventures. Led by Alberta Innovates, the team promotes the sector inside and outside the province.