Lignin Pursuit

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Alberta Bio Future (ABF) and its sub-programs focus primarily on projects that add value to biomass in agriculture and forestry, and create new and improved bioindustrial products and bioindustrial technologies.

The Alberta Bio Future, Lignin Pursuit sub-program is intended to serve as a pipeline for the development of applications and opportunities for deployment for lignin.

This program is closed to new applications. Seven proposals were approved and are underway.

About this program

Lignin is an organic polymer that forms the woody cell walls of plants and the cementing material between them. The lignin is removed during the pulping process to produce high-quality bleached pulp. This program is offered in collaboration with integrated forest products company West Fraser, to accelerate development and commercialization of new and improved products that utilize lignin. Each successful applicant received up to $300,000 and a quantity of lignin for their project work.