Strategic Priorities

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Phase II of the ACRC Strategic Plan

We have completed Phase I of the Inaugural Strategic Plan and we are in Phase II with new priorities.

Our Strategic Plan presents action plans, key steps, and proposed projects to achieve desired goals, and our Phase II strategic priorities align with our vision of increasing high quality, integrated, efficient clinical research in Alberta.

Our four key focus areas


The ACRC embodies a culture of excellence in collaborative clinical research across disciplines and clinical research units across Alberta

In collaboration with institutions and clinic research units, the ACRC has identified essential skills, and brought awareness to training opportunities occurring through the province.

The ACRC currently works with the following partner organizations to develop provincial recommendations for training to help researchers and their staff develop clinical health research skills:

Join us!

The ACRC’s partner organizations are committed to working together to make this initiative a success. Representatives come from all corners of the research landscape including both academic and community environments, and health care systems.

We invite you to become part of Alberta’s robust clinical research environment.

Contact us at or contribute a resource.


By providing tools, templates and resources guided by best practice and rooted in quality by design, we aim to build the capacity of clinical health research through the:

Research toolbox

With the input of working groups comprising content experts from the partner organizations, templates are generated to provide an investigator everything they need to develop and conduct investigator-initiated and other sponsored studies.

Clinical Research Source newsletter

The ACRC publishes current news and information that supports the strengthening of clinical research in Alberta. This newsletter is the place to find out about changes in Health Canada and FDA regulations, new studies in Alberta, new tools and resources, and journal articles involving Alberta researchers. Sign up now.

Glossary and Common Terminology

Developing streamlined province-wide processes requires the use of consistent terminology. A reference to ensure shared use of definitions and concepts that will reduce misunderstandings.

Processes & Technology

The ACRC supports the development of IT systems that facilitate the seamless exchange of appropriate information across institutional sites. These supports enable provincial reporting as well as clinical research spaces for sharing of best practices, tools, resources, upcoming events and networking.

EDGE Research Management System: Visit the EDGE-Alberta page.




To facilitate a research culture in Alberta, the ACRC encourages physicians, nurses, staff and researchers to undertake clinical research as a part of their evidence-based clinical practice.

It is critical that the public, researchers and health care systems equally invest and value clinical health research. By performing research activities effectively and efficiently with available resources and infrastructure coupled to the development of collaborative efforts between academic and regional partners, the Alberta clinical health research culture can be transformed.

The ACRC supports the development of a clinical health research culture through the ACRC Glossary and Common Terminology. The ACRC Glossary is a reference to ensure shared use of definitions and concepts that will help to define the provincial language around clinical health research in Alberta.