Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program

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Leading global accelerators have come to Alberta to help build our entrepreneurial ecosystem with the support of a funding consortium led by Alberta Innovates. The Ministry of Technology and Innovation, PrairiesCan, Edmonton Unlimited and the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund are all providing funding for this groundbreaking initiative.

The Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program (Scaleup GAP) will accelerate the growth and scaleup of Alberta companies and propel digital transformation.

From startup to scaleup, Alberta’s new business accelerators are getting ready

As part of Edmonton Startup Week 2021 (October 18-22), Alberta Innovates’ VP of Investment, Doug Holt, hosted a panel with members from each of Alberta’s new business accelerators:

1. 500 Global
2. TELUS Community Safety and Wellness Accelerator powered by Alchemist
3. Plug and Play
4. Alberta pre-accelerator (now called the Alberta Catalyzer)

The discussion featured brief presentations from each describing what they’ll offer Alberta startups, how they’ll work together and with Alberta Innovates and the province’s innovation ecosystem, including the Regional Innovation Networks, and culminated in a question and answer session from participants.

This unprecedented program is intended to close a scaleup gap that exists in Alberta. It will expand our system of coaching, community and capital and give businesses access to globally tested and successful scaleup practices.

Program objectives

  • Increase entrepreneurial scaleup capacity and knowledge in Alberta.
  • Establish a critical mass of new ventures in specialized tech sectors.
  • Increase the number of Alberta new junior tech scaleups.
  • Create Alberta jobs.
  • Increase new Alberta tech company revenue.
  • Increase follow-on investment (investment attraction).

Scaleup GAP is intended to attract Alberta and eligible global companies to strengthen the Alberta ecosystem with a global mindset and provide them access to international collaborations and capital.

This program will contribute to the goals outlined by the Alberta Ministry of Technology and Innovation. This includes:

  • 900 new junior technology firms.
  • 20,000 jobs.
  • $5 billion in technology firm revenue by 2030.

Important note

This is a three-year program, with multiple opportunities to apply.  Lan Tan (contact info below) is the main point of contact. Please call Lan if you have any questions.

Interested in applying?

These programs are open to companies from Alberta, Canada and around the world.

Visit the accelerators, below, to learn more about each program and how to apply.

  1. Alberta Accelerator by 500
  2. Alberta Catalyzer
  3. TELUS Community Safety and Wellness Accelerator powered by Alchemist
  4. Plug and Play Alberta
  5. THRIVE Canada Accelerator



Scale-up and Growth Program Find Your Future Wayfinder Webinar – September 1, 2022

Hear Terry Rachwalski of the Scaleup GAP program talk about AI and accelerators in Alberta on the Strategic Play Podcast.