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Clean technology addresses sustainability while creating opportunity for economic diversification in Alberta. The Clean Technology program invests in projects to adapt, develop and deploy innovative clean technologies to benefit Albertans and contribute to the growth of the province’s low-carbon economy. In each of the priority focus areas, Alberta Innovates looks for projects and activities that can reduce environmental impacts, support Alberta’s energy transition, generate jobs in a clean tech economy, and engage industry, researchers and communities to participate in their future energy systems.

Bioenergy contributes to the development of low carbon fuels, the reduction of consumer and industrial solid waste, and waste reduction from agricultural development through a focus on waste conversion, renewable fuels, and circular economy. Alberta Innovates seeks to leverage Alberta’s existing oil and gas infrastructure, expertise, and innovation activities to support a growing bioenergy supply chain. Alberta Innovates explores biogases, biofuels, and other synthetic fuels, including sustainable aviation fuels.  Alberta Innovates is also engaged in the development of waste conversion technologies, including plastic recycling, and waste diversion, all with an objective of mitigating environmental impacts while generating incremental value from existing products.

Waste Conversion

Waste conversion is focused on the development or deployment of waste management technologies and practices to reduce landfilling of waste. These technologies support municipalities and communities, amongst others,  in achieving their sustainability goals.

Renewable Fuels

Renewable fuels, which have been driven by provincial and federal regulations amongst other drivers, cover technology development and deployment of transportation fuels including renewable diesel, biocrude, and sustainable aviation fuels in addition to research, development, production, and commercialization of biogas and renewable natural gas. This area includes work on conversion technologies as well as enabling technologies which support the supply chain.

Circular Economy

Circular economy focuses on supporting conversion and enabling technologies within the circular economy of plastics including mechanical and chemical recycling, and development of biopolymers as replacements for conventional plastics.


Project Funding and Eligibility Criteria

Support is open to researchers, innovators, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies and others who are seeking funding, expertise and/or sector leadership to advance technology development from TRL 3-7.

The Clean Resources Continuous Intake Process is used to assess projects for funding eligibility.  Details of eligibility criteria and application processes are available on the Clean Resources Continuous Intake Process webpage.  If the project aligns with the eligibility criteria, please contact the Project Advisor before submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Project Library and Project Activities

Visit the Project Library to view final reports and project summaries. Or follow these links to interesting articles about project activities.