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Funding renewable energy projects in Alberta 

The Bioenergy program supports the development of a Bioenergy industry that contributes to Alberta’s supply of renewable energy through the production of biofuels and novel value-added products. The program invests in projects that develop and/or deploy waste or biomass conversion technologies.

How the program works

We support innovation as a key part of the transition to a low carbon future and enable the participation of Alberta’s urban and rural communities. The goals of the Bioenergy program are connected with the ARIF 2030 targets: 

  • A 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas intensity;
  • 30 percent of electricity will be supplied by renewable energies by 2030; and 
  • Alberta’s clean tech sector in Alberta will increase by 25 percent then 50 percent reduction in organic waste to landfill.

How project funding works

Most funding is provided through a combination of open competition and continuous intake process. Contact Program Director for more information. 

Who is the program open to? 

This program is open to researchers, innovators, small and medium sized enterprises, large companies and consortia who are seeking funding, expertise and/or sector leadership to advance technology development from TRL 3 – 7.

Focus areas

The Bioenergy program focuses primarily on two areas:

Waste to Value-Added Products

These are opportunities that optimize value-added processes including increased yields of products, such as biogas and syngas.

Conversion and Refining Processes

These are opportunities that include work in:

  1. Waste/biomass conversion technologies;
  2. The use of Bioenergy as an effective, low-carbon and low-cost grid management and energy storage option;
  3. The development and deployment of biofuel technologies;
  4. The development of biomass to liquid-fuels and Gas to Liquids; and
  5. The development of renewable natural gas from syngas and biogas.