Bioindustrial Materials

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The bioindustrial sector is one of value drivers of Alberta’s economic diversification. It leverages cross-sectoral synergies between agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, and construction to increase value of the province’s abundant renewable biomass resource.

With emerging trend to reduce the carbon footprint of building environment, the construction industry is undergoing a green evolution throughout the building life cycle – from design, to building, to operation, to demolition. Alberta has abundant and sustainable sources of agricultural residues and industrial crops, as well as significant underutilized hardwoods. Through appropriate eco-friendly and energy-efficient manufacturing processes, these fast-growing and short-rotation biofibre resources can provide alternative or complementary raw materials for structural or furnishing applications with a low carbon footprint and environmental sustainability to support the growing demands for environmental and social responsibility in the construction industry.

The Bioindustrial Materials Program provides opportunities to accelerate the development, deployment and implementation of advanced innovations that build capacity and increase value-added capabilities across the value chain and further create new business potential and markets for Alberta’s bioeconomy. Areas of investment include:

  • Biofibre utilization: novel utilization of wood resources, and agriculture residues, and waste streams from industrial crops.
  • Value-added biomass: development of bio-based products, processes, productions, and systems to enhance the value of biofibres in Alberta, and
  • Green construction: development of construction industrialization and sustainable building practices to increase productivity, improve efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and achieve a low-carbon future throughout the building lifecycle.

To view the final reports and project summaries associated with this program visit our Project Library. 

Project Funding

Agri-Food and Bioindustrial Innovation Program (ABIP)

This program supports innovators, technology developers and industry clients to accelerate technology development and deployment, as well as enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the agri-food and bioindustrial sectors in Alberta.

Funding is available through a continuous intake process.

Visit the ABIP page for program details.

Building with BioFibre

Alberta Innovates launched a bioindustrial funding opportunity November 4, 2021, called Building With BioFibre.

Visit the Building with BioFibre program page for details.

Note: This program is currently closed to applications.

Legacy Funding

Legacy funding initiatives have included the Advanced Materials and Chemical Program (AMCP) and the Alberta Bio Future Program (ABF).