Summary of Cancer Research and Innovation Investments

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Cancer Prevention Initiatives in Alberta

Alberta has a vibrant cancer research and innovation ecosystem, supported over many years through the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund (ACPLF).  Alberta Innovates, in collaboration with health system partners, administered ACPLF funding through multiple programs and competitions, aiding discovery and innovative methods in cancer prevention.

While all ACPLF funded program competitions are now closed, several projects remain active, with continued monitoring of progress and impact. Cancer researchers and innovators seeking support are encouraged to explore other Alberta Innovates’ current funding opportunities.

History of Programs and Competitions

Cancer Screening Research and Innovation Opportunity (CSRIO)  

Alberta Innovates partnered with Alberta Health (AH) to deliver the Cancer Screening Research and Innovation Opportunity (CSRIO), with an emphasis on improving cancer screening processes and rates, particularly in vulnerable populations. A consultation with key stakeholders helped shape the call.  

2020 Program Guide.  (CSRIO was discontinued in March 2020.)

Cancer Prevention Research Opportunity (CPRO)

Research funded through CPRO addresses a well-defined and specific research question under one of the following ACPLF priority areas: prevention in primary health care; research into integration of care across the cancer prevention continuum; data/surveillance; and performance indicators.

Collaborative Research and Innovation Opportunities (CRIO) – Cancer Competitions

The CRIO Project is a Cancer competition focused on achieving timely, cancer-related outcomes using a collaborative approach to the production of new knowledge. This approach combines the translation of cancer research findings to knowledge- or end-users for impact on the health of Albertans and/or the health system. Applications for funding were invited in areas of cancer research across the cancer continuum from causes and prevention, to treatment and care.

Translational Health Chairs

The Translational Health Chair program helps attract leading researchers to Alberta to build capacity in priority health research and innovation areas. These Chairs devote the majority of their time to research and innovation activities. With Chairs in Cancer Epigenetics and Cancer Genomics, Alberta is a major contributor to the personalization of cancer treatment and prevention.

Studentships and Fellowships – Cancer Streams

Studentships and fellowships help cultivate Alberta’s next generation of health research and innovation leaders.  High caliber students receive a stipend and research allowance while they complete training and research activities at a post-secondary University in Alberta.

Supported People

Translational Health Chairs

Specialization Investigator Institution
Cancer Epigenetics Dr. Lynne Postovit University of Alberta
Cancer Genomics Dr. Edwin Wang University of Calgary


Alberta Innovates invested $5.3M to support 65 trainees working on cancer related research and innovation between 2013 and 2020.

Supported Projects

Full listing of supported researchers, timelines and institutions.