Innovative Hydrocarbon Products

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Adding value to hydrocarbons 

Our Innovative Hydrocarbon Products Program supports projects that will contribute to Alberta’s hydrocarbon resource value while securing long-term future for Alberta’s oil sand resources in a new economy. The three sub-programs support projects that can improve hydrocarbon products’ quality and value.

Innovative hydrocarbon products

Our Innovative Hydrocarbon Products program focuses on three sub-programs designed to diversify Alberta’s economy and add value to hydrocarbon resources that will enable Alberta to achieve prosperity in a low carbon, global economy.  

Bitumen Partial Upgrading

The Bitumen Partial Upgrading program supports projects that add value to Alberta’s bitumen while increasing pipeline capacity and reducing industry operating costs and lifecycle greenhouse gases. 

National Partial Upgrading Committee

The development of a new partial upgrading industry requires long-term industry-government partnership and continuous efforts to identify opportunities and barriers. The National Partial Upgrading Committee is directed toward this effort, offering a forum for oilsands producers and government agencies to share information, technology opportunities, and to develop studies on topics of common interest.

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Natural Gas Value-Add

The Natural Gas Value-Add program supports projects that convert natural gas into higher value products such as liquid fuels and hydrogen.  

Bitumen Beyond Combustion

The Bitumen Beyond Combustion program supports projects that converts bitumen into high-value non-fuel products for economic growth and diversification.

How the program works 

Most funding is provided through a combination of open competition and continuous intake process.  Contact the relevant Program Director for more information.

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